Dugin’s Guidleine – The struggle of the European conservatives


The entire world press is discussing what happened recently in the German city of Koblenz. They gathered the leaders of the conservative European parties, is rapidly gaining popularity. Gathered to conclude a strategic Alliance and to develop a common action plan.

At the meeting in Koblenz was attended by: the French national Front headed marine Le Pen, the Northern League of Italy, the freedom Party of Austria and other eurosceptics.

Sensation this was for two reasons. First, marine Le Pen, who announced his candidacy for the presidential elections in France, the first round of which will take place on April 23 this year, is the leader among candidates. Her leadership is recognized even by the globalist media is extremely strong in France.

With the success of trump and his historic speech, the opening Patriotic, conservative, and anti-globalization forces, new horizons, the victory of marine Le Pen is becoming more likely. Therefore, the leader of the National Front now has the attention of all media. Her every action, meeting, visit or Declaration will be in the spotlight.

Second, the meeting was held in Germany, which had previously been extremely cautious and conservative policy was kept from other European Patriotic forces alone.

And here in Koblenz charismatic passionary of the German conservative party “Alternative for Germany” Frauke Petry, whose party is growing rapidly, said about joining a group of influential eurosceptics, which brought together the rising stars of the new European policy.

The Union is becoming more and more serious. Hofer Austrian politician of the Freedom Party almost became President of Austria. Marine Le Pen leads the rankings in France. The leader of “Northern League” Matteo Salvini have a referendum for the resignation of Prime Minister Renzi and became a politician №1 in Italy.

And then there’s this Franco-Austro-Italian platform with MPs in the national Assembly and the European Parliament, joins Germany, represented by the powerful party, headed by Petri. Eyes built a continental Alliance of European patriots against globalism, liberalism, and the European bureaucracy.

The speech of marine Le Pen in Koblenz had to become the speech of the trump. She congratulated the U.S. President on the inauguration. Stressed the victory of the English people in the case of Brexit and declared 2017 as the year of the liberation of Europe from globalism and anti-national dictatorship of liberal elites.

This Association is extremely important to us. The leaders of all parties gathered in Koblenz in favor of lifting Russia sanctions, support President Vladimir Putin recognized Crimea as Russian. Marine Le Pen, by the way, recently, Poroshenko, was denied entry to the territory of Ukraine, where the modern leader of the European conservatives, however, were not going to.

For the geopolitics of Russia’s relations with Europe are of strategic importance. But as long as there was power to the globalists, controlled transnational liberal centers of power claiming to be a World Government, the relationship we have with
Europe did not develop and could not be.

Just because Europe was ruled by and, alas, still ruled by those for whom the interests of the real Europe and its people absolutely nothing. To last exactly the same transnational forces ruled and America, but trump has promised to return power over America most American people.

If European conservatives, who tend strictly to the same – to regain power over Europe by the Europeans – will come to power, Russia will have a reliable and efficient partners. Russia is now in Europe, there is no real support except the European conservatives. Their success is our success.

But now we can get to Europe is not hard and exhausting confrontation with the United States, because the globalists always relied on Washington, but on both sides. Trump will withdraw support for euroglobalisation with his hand, and we should support the conservatives with her. And together we would crush the globalist vermin.

All the best, have you watched the program “Directive Dugin” about Association of the European conservatives around the leader of the presidential race in France, marine Le Pen and joining the continental Alliance German conservatives of the Alternative for Germany.

The unipolar world is collapsing before our eyes. In this case, the words of Friedrich Nietzsche relevant as ever: “Push what is falling”.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv

Stauffenberg was Right!

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