Dugin’s Guideline – The Revolution of Trump


Congratulations on your 45th President of the United States. He is, I am convinced, we have a lot of surprises. Let’s start with the fact that the world is in shock from the inaugural address of trump. It was really great. I think I generally do better not heard.
Why the world is in shock? Because the 45th President of the United States announced publicly anti-globalization, anti-liberal revolution. Everyone is so used that the United States is ruled by the globalists, proponents of sexual minorities open society and doctors without borders put between America and liberalism is a sign of equality. And now the US President says bluntly: “it was the end. Not so much anymore. The power changed. Now, no globalism, only in America America First”. All sixes and agents of US influence at one point was left without a job, without a roof, without a purpose. They just threw out. Bravo.

The sensation began with the very first words of the speech trump: “Today is not a normal transfer of power from one to the other. Today, the transfer of power from the establishment – the American people.” So proclaimed trump. Think about it: if the government must be returned to the people, it did not have one. And had a sect of globalists, which all – Americans and everyone else mercilessly lied about democracy. So, there is no democracy. Much? Much. And when you consider that these are the words of the President of the United States, stunning much.

But what people? And most importantly. Trump has shown that he understands under it. This is not a liberal abstraction, it is a living historical the reality is citizens of their country, United by common destiny. Only the people who love their country and its traditions. Who does not love and honor, the scum, not the people. And trump clearly expressed: “the People is when one heart, one home, one future”. Not the totality of the cosmopolitan of atoms, but the wholeness, the unity. It’s just a quote from our Slavophiles in their dispute with Westerners.

And then suddenly the Trump shows the world a completely unexpected America: America – which does not have its own production, America is jobs in which captured illegal immigrants, America is robbed of the border and stole dream. After all, if it were the case, why tramp promises get it all back? And why would he applaud the stood delighted millions in the square?

All of this hiding, desperately hiding from the world and from us. And they, it turns out, that’s what! From the speech trump gave the impression that America’s been taken over, destroyed, conquered, dismembered people, forced him to be some evil and vile force. And now to the power of broke one who will return back. Who will stop this fall. Who will save the people. Not himself. But with the help of the people and most importantly – God. Trump talked about God as a Supreme court.

And that’s what matters to us. When trump talked about the power, strength and revival to America, he said: “the Right of every nation to care primarily about their own interest. We don’t want to impose our way of life to anyone”. That means he urged the world to follow our own path. What decades of punishing us, the Russian – that we have their way, their values and their interests, and now we hear from
in the White House. Go do your people great. That’s what we said now the Washington regional Committee. So, I go and do.

Anything like that I honestly can’t imagine. If we replace in this speech the word “America” with “Russia”, the best Manifesto of the radical Russian Eurasian conservatism you can not imagine.

Now, of course, the horror begins with the fact that to fulfill such promises can only be a man of destiny. The bar’s set so high, and the hatred of the world the globalists are so high that reverse the way of trump no. If he in this speech has been conciliatory and rolled backwards, still did not go. But he goes on the offensive.

The liberals talked so long and so Intrusive that we should take an example from America? Well, this time I completely agree with this. Only the people as one heart, one soul, one thought only Russian people and their values and interests are important.

All the best. Have you watched the program “Directive Dugin” about the historic speech of Donald trump 45th President of the United States of America.

So, our conclusions from that speech: Russian – first and foremost. Because Russia, and the rest nothing. Nothing personal, so says Donald trump. The 45th President of the United States.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv


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