Deir ez-Zor. 25.01.2017 | Colonel Cassad



Briefly about the situation in Deir-ez-Zor to the outcome of the January 25, 2017.

Having repulsed the attack of militants near the base of the “Panorama” and the crossroads in the direction of the 137th bases of the SAA continued attempts to connect with enclave cut off from the airfield. Taking 22-24 January part of the old cemetery, the SAA infantry and militia rested in the defense of militants in adjoining the road the ruins of urban neighborhoods, where the enemy could easily arrange for a fire exposure on the road to the airbase.This problem is solved during the last few days – the district continues to cover the aircraft and deployed through Qamishli replenishment of the Republican Guard (104 brigade, the transfer of participated military transport aircraft of the Russian Federation) has increased the number of assault teams, which the Syrians could use in street fights.

For 25 January in the ruins of the road and the cemetery continued heavy fighting, where the SAA have pushed the militants, which allowed the individual to Syrian sources even report the restoration of the communication with the airbase. In fact, when formal contact parts of the enclave, this narrow lintel is heavy fighting going on and the area itself in addition to impacts of the Russian and Syrian aircraft are also exposed to heavy fire from mortars and howitzers militants.In order to practice to recover a message base, it is necessary not only to protect the area from the road, but also to expand the control zone to the South of it, in the direction of Girii. The problem here is exactly the same as that of the militants in the battle for Ramuseh. To get in touch with the surroundings in Aleppo they could, but to organize a message and supply no. In this case, the situation is exacerbated by the isolation of the enclave. So what about the solution to the problem is clearly premature, although it is quite clear that the Syrians hope that their infantry will be able to push the defense fighters.In General, as already mentioned previously on this – the situation is dire, but not hopeless, and that after the breakthrough of militants to the University “al-Furat” Syrians have already begun to bury.

It can be stated that the SAA despite the initial setback, were able to repel the advance of the Caliphate aimed at the immediate destruction of the enclave and now due to moving of active reinforcements and airstrikes (which are now again involved the aircraft long-range bomber aviation of the Russian Federation) is trying to return at least part of the lost positions. At the same time due to the activity of Aeronautics and a few competent maneuver reserves, managed to repel the attacks of militants as district 137th of the base and the air base. In recent days, the operations of the Caliphate have clearly lost harmony and now the enemy is probably trying to exercise their superiority in numbers, rather than to impress the Syrians with some tactical refinements. Losses in recent days, and exhausting the air strikes, clearly make it very difficult for DAESH to make further progress.


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