Another employee of CDC FSB – Dmitry Dokuchaev Arrested for Treason |

In the case of treason, under which previously had been arrested the Deputy head of CDC FSB Colonel Sergei Mikhailov and the head of the Department of investigation of computer incidents “Kaspersky Lab” Ruslan Stoyanov, there was a third person involved.

This is another employee of the information security Center of FSB of Russia, Dmitry Dokuchaev. As reported by RNS , citing a source familiar with the situation, Dokuchaev was also arrested in December 2016. His friend confirmed the information about the arrest. An acquaintance reported that he had not seen Dokuchaeva from the end of November.

Publicly stated that Dmitry Dokuchaev held the position of senior security officer of the 2nd division of the operations Department of the Center for information security (OU Tsib) of the FSB of Russia.

In the Center of public relations of FSB of Russia not responded to the request of RNS.

As noted by REN TV, Dmitry Dokuchaev to the rank of major of the FSB, and he was in direct supervision Mikhailov.

Earlier, sources of Kommersant reported that the Colonel Mikhailov allegedly received money from one of the foreign organizations with the mediation of the representative of the Russian company in the field of information security.

According to some versions, Mikhailov, shortly before his arrest in contact with the management of “Sberbank” about its database – the largest array of information about the Russian citizens in the country.

The alleged officer of the FSB had intended on the basis of the information file of the Bank, which includes data on more than 100 million customers, to create an online system that monitors the preferences of its users. A similar technology allows a targeted influence on users, about which the Network knows everything. One of the applications of such systems – monitoring of elections.

As an employee of “Kaspersky Lab” has created supertron, which was to be implemented in the information system of the largest banks. This program was not stolen money, and gave access to information about clients, upcoming deals, cash flows, etc. according to the REN TV, this data could be transmitted in the United States, where Stoyanov received money.

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