At the edge of the green buses | Colonel Cassad



The Syrian war continues to impress with the cool plot twists.
In the sequel to

the Militants group Jabhat Fatah Al-sham continue to attack the Turkish allied groups of the moderate opposition.

Fighting between militants of Jabhat Fatah Al-sham (the former Jabhat al-Nusra) and the moderate factions of the opposition continue. It is reported that militants JFAS taken the town of Sarmad in the Northern province of Idlib. In addition it is reported that the militants JFAS managed to cut the highway linking the town of Dana and the aforementioned Sarmady, all this is happening against the background of ever-approaching fighters JFAS reinforcements, including heavy armor. Also clashes are in settlements Baunin Kafr Nabel ‘ and Ariha, and on the border with Turkey point Bab Hawa.In the Idlib also broke out a powerful fighting reported militants use JFAS martyrs, armored vehicles and even artillery.

Known Sharia judge group Jabhat Fatah Al-sham, by the name of Abu Hassan al-Kuwaiti, announced his resignation in connection with the fierce fighting. In addition, he said that militants should not participate in these fights and they should make every effort to avoid them. Another activist supporting the moderate opposition has said that Jabhat Fatah Al-sham is at a crossroads and if it will continue to attack on its own, probably already former allies, she will become what in 2013 was the IG. The command of Jaish al-Mujahideen said that JFAS violently forcing its fighters to fight with other groups, and the command group Ahrar Al-sham stated that if JFAS will not stop attacking other groups, they will have to stop the hard way.

At this point in the fighting killed at least 100 fighters of the various factions on both sides, and Jabhat Fatah Al-sham came to completion, as the militants deported from the enclave in Darayya, sided with this group.

Meanwhile, residents of the city of al-Atareb came to the rally under the banner of “Free Syrian Army” against the fighting between the group and the unity of the opposition factions. – zinc

And more:

January 21, the militants of the “Jund al-Aqsa” attacked the prison of “Ahrar al-sham” and freed 13 prisoners from the “Jund al-Aqsa”, as well as looted in the nearby village Armory “Ahrar al-sham”.
It is also reported from the 1st of January in Idlib as a result of American air strikes killed approximately 150 militants from groups linked to “al-Qaeda”.

The inscription on the wall in Idlib “Girls who wear the niqab or we will cut off your head.”

Like this now is the “struggle for democracy” in Syria.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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