US Sets up New Military Base in Syrian Kurdistan |Basnews


HASAKAH — The United States has established a new military base in Syrian Kurdistan, commonly known as Rojava, to step up its support for local forces in their battle against the Islamic State (IS).


A source from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), speaking on condition of anonymity, told BasNews on Saturday that a large group of well-equipped US Special Forces have recently arrived at the Tel Bidr base, northwest of Hasakah.


He further revealed that the arrival of the new forces comes after the local Syrian Kurdish fighters started evacuating the Tel Bidr base and moving all their military equipment out of the site.


A total number of 800 US Special Forces and military trainers are now settled in the base, the source said, adding that their arrival is part of the US-led coalition’s plan to raid the IS-held Deir al-Zour.


“They will also provide support to the SDF forces now advancing towards Raqqa.”


As part of the global coalition campaign to degrade and defeat IS in Syria, US previously set up military bases across Rojava, including Kobani, Ain Isa, Rmeilan and Reif Hasakah.



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