Dugin’s Guideline – The Inauguration Of Donald Trump


Today the most important day – the inauguration of Donald trump. American anarchists from the army Soros has prepared a whole operation called: “Break on 20 January,” but hardly Granit victory Donald trump may be somehow affected by such change.

The big news is that Donald trump is alive and that he safely reached 20 January 2017 and already on Monday, and maybe even before, will proceed to the routine business of the owner of the main home of mankind – the White House in Washington, DC.

Trump won a landslide victory over the candidate of the globalists under very distinct slogans. These were the slogans of a new American revolution. For that supported him, that loved, that hated him. Many feared, and some, perhaps, secretly hoped that he would be killed the day before. In fact, it is not only against the World government, anyone not elected and are not appointed by anyone, against it the financial oligarchy, the fed, the American special services the System. And he against her. And with it, the American people – less different liberal scum.At least this is the picture that we have in front of you and with which operate.

It reminds me the myth or the movie. And as the company was involved and network technology, virtuality. But now the moment the next series. To exploit the former motivations and
old characters can go no further. The garbage resting old Clinton, loser Obama returned to muscular Michelle. Indignant feminists, LGBT and anarchists will go to their clubs and dens to decompose further. And trump will light the light in your oval office and will have…

Here the most interesting – and what is he gonna do? Clearly he has no team, no strategy, no plans, no staff, no ideas, no institutions on which to rely, given all that he is for the time his company said. America was the core of globalization for almost 100 years, since the age of 14 points of Woodrow Wilson. The Pentagon and the CIA spliced with postmodernists and pervertly. The entire financial system rests on the money pyramid fed. Real economy left in the Third world. The country is flooded with Chinese junk. More than 70% of companies employed in the service sector – only distribution, not production.And there is this great show only on the bloody vampirism, total lies and cruel exploitation of the peoples of the world. The system, which won the trump in the election, this is, alas, modern America. And the other America, trump is not.

Let’s call a spade a spade: Donald trump won the election in hell under those slogans that he kick things off. How, I wonder? Of course, probably many, and as you can see by the results, even the majority of Americans in hell tired. And again caught such a brave man as the tramp he gladly supported. But is this a healthy part of American society something to donate to from the hell out? If the will, strength, intelligence, determination, knowledge, experience? STO
years to go in one direction strictly in the abyss, and suddenly slow down on its edge. And all this, if anything, blindfolded and with a surprising Anglo-Saxon, and it is clear not only from the Anglo-Saxon, overbearing. … Breathtaking, of course, quite in the style of Hollywood. But how will this happen in practice?

But the reverse will not work. Imagine that trump will sit-will sit in the oval office, understand that the play is over, and will return to the usual routine scenario – a little better than Obama, of course, but without any fundamental changes. This is perhaps the most realistic scenario, and four years will last a disappointment. Like the way 8 years, Americans and everyone else was disappointed in Obama.

But there is something higher and trump and Obama, and World Government, Soros, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and wall street and the fed. This is the inexorable course of historical logic. If you go strictly to the edge, at some point it will drop. If you do not want to fall, we must move in the opposite direction. Way into the deep clear and well-drawn: we must continue in the same spirit, and all will come naturally. But to save America and, accordingly, to save America from the hell of American humanity, it is necessary to do something impossible, unusual, radical, eye-popping.Exactly what is trump, however, and promised his voters. And though that trump would be a real hero, hard to believe, nothing is lost, all is not lost.

Good you watched the program “Directive Dugin” about the inauguration of Donald trump.

Against all odds and in defiance of rational conviction of the impossibility though something to change in the structures of the American Swamp – probably, in pure Russian with hope for the impossible and did not deserve a miracle, as throughout the election campaign saying: “In Trump we trust”. Come on, Donald, do them all. You can do this.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv


One response to “Dugin’s Guideline – The Inauguration Of Donald Trump

  1. The US pushed the World that was groaning under US obsessions to convert to decimal everything but when it was their turn they said it’s just too dammed expensive (1967) , now Allah created IS so not all Terrorists would be Freedom Fighters but al-Nurash didn’t convert over. What has al-Nurash got in common with the States, ? Everything.


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