The destruction of the monuments of Palmyra | Colonel Cassad


On the subject of questions about the fate of historical monuments in Palmyra.

The militants blew up part of the Roman amphitheater in Palmyra.

It was there after the liberation of the city was made by Valery Gergiev and Sergei Roldugin As reported Reuters, citing its sources in Palmyra, militants of the “Islamic state” (IG, banned terrorist organization) blew up the facade of the Roman amphitheater — one of the main attractions of the ancient city. In addition to the amphitheater terrorists destroyed and tetrapylon ruins of a building with four entrances.

Information about the destruction of buildings Reuters confirmed the General Director of the Department of antiquities and museums of Syria Mamoun Abdulkarim. In the amphitheater of Palmyra on 5 may 2016 concert by the Mariinsky orchestra under Valery Gergiev dedicated to the liberation of the ancient city from the terrorists of ISIS. Among the speakers there were and cellist Sergei Roldugin.

After the first capture of Palmyra, the terrorists sold the artifacts discovered there and blew up the ancient buildings, which, in their opinion, was contrary to Islam. In particular, the temples were destroyed Bela and Balsamina, arc de Triomphe, several funerary towers. On the ruins of Palmyra was assassinated the Director of the local archaeological Museum Khaled al-Asaad. – zinc

PS. It was one of the expected delayed effects of lesions at Palmyra in December and once again serves as a reminder that premature PR with unresolved issues, sometimes just hurts.

In relation to the actions of the militants, they once again confirmed the barbaric nature of their relationship to the monuments of world history and culture.
It should also be noted that Assad has publicly accused the US of aiding ISIS in the capture of Palmyra the Kremlin has called the incident a tragedy and promised that the CAA will continue the operation to liberate the typeface from the militants

About what is happening in Deir ez-Zor and Palmyra, the SAA are now deploying offensive activity against the Caliphate in three directions. You can say that the command of the SAA intends to use the difficulties of the Caliphate on other fronts and stiffness of their forces battle for Deir-ez-Zor, to use the achieved numerical superiority on the chosen directions of attacks.

1. The offensive in the area of Tiyas. Troops are fighting with the Caliphate near the intersection of roads South of Chuvashia and South of the airbase, slowly pushing fighters to the East. The rate of occurrence here is low, while we are talking about the liberation of the territories lost after the retreat from Palmyra. However, the Syrian military has repeatedly stated that after the liberation of the area of oil fields Jihar and Jakhal will continue progress toward Palmyra, with the aim of liberation. The operational initiative is now almost completely passed into the hands of the Syrians.But the ruined monuments of antiquity certainly did not return.

2. Nastuplenie in the area of Khanasser. Syrian troops launched an offensive to the East from key supply route on which hangs Aleppo. Here the Syrians shot down the advanced positions of the militants freed several villages and started to move towards the administrative borders of raqqa province. Here, in addition to the task of securing the road Khanasser-Aleppo, SAA has more ambitious plans associated with the attack on Tabqa and Raqqa.

In this strategic situation, it promises greater prospects, as the situation on the North Bank of the Euphrates has changed radically and part of the forces of the “black” is associated with fighting against the Kurds and Americans to the West and North of their capital. Although in any case, there are certain risks present, as the issue of security of the flanks will inevitably arise when moving to the East from Itree.

3. The offensive North of Aleppo. Here SAA is straining the defence of the militants to the North of the airbase Kuveyris and progressing to al-Bab North-East of the airport of Aleppo. The enemy resists, but his actions are of a dissuasive nature. The goals of the SAA prosecne enough to reach the area of al-Bab and somewhere within closed agreements, to establish contact with Turkish troops, and clear the last area of Northern Syria held by the Caliphate.

In the heart of Deir ez-Zor today turned fierce fighting around the gap between the city and abibatu where SAA attacked the positions of militants in the area of the base of the “Panorama” and in the center Harabesi. While the results of this activity are not clear, both parties confirm the fact of serious fighting and loss on both sides. It should be noted that the intensity of triumphant reports from the “black” declined, that speaks about existing problems and the situation is far from straightforward.

Overall, it’s pretty obvious that the decrease in the intensity of the fighting against the “green” due to the Turkish commitment has enabled SAA to free up some forces for active operations against the Caliphate, what we have seen over the last few days. Directly they certainly is unlikely to lead to unblocking of Deir ez-Zor, but they should lead to the liberation of the territory of Syria from the power of the “black” (including the re-release of Palmyra), to coerce them to relieve pressure on Deir ez-Zor and to create preconditions for the spring-summer campaign in raqqa province.


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