Discovering secrets: new traces of crimes in Aleppo have been found

 Inside Syria Media Center 

A mass grave of soldiers was found in one of the destroyed schools in the eastern Aleppo. It was announced by the Deputy permanent representative of Syria to the UN Munzer, Munzer in a letter to the Secretary-General of the world organization and the Security Council on January 20.

The diplomat also stressed that 23 Syrian soldiers killed were found on the territory of the school ‘Muhaddasa’ by name. The school is situated in the area of Sukkari district, Aleppo. Munzer, Munzer pointed out that this school was a headquarters of one of the armed groups that receive financial support from abroad considered being ‘moderate’ opposition. Furthermore, 37 more bodies were found near there. Most of the bodies had their throats cut, faces disfigured and the signs of torture were revealed.


Apparently, we are talking about the atrocities made by such opposition groups as Jabhat al Shamiya and…

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