The liberation of Eastern Mosul | Colonel Cassad



By mid-afternoon on 18 January, the Iraqi army has almost completed the liberation of the Eastern part of Mosul. Posts about the complete liberation of the Eastern neighborhoods are still premature, but organized defense of the Caliphate on the Eastern Bank of the Tigris came to an end. The army took almost all previously controlled by the “black” neighborhoods and provided control over the territory around the destroyed bridges over the river. Focal resistance continued in the North-Eastern districts, and also near the Palace of al-REM.Here still need some time to clean up the city and further filtering to identify the militants, who did not cross to the West Bank or left on the Eastern shore for the implementation of attacks and attacks against Iraqi security forces.

After the East coast will be completely cleared before the Iraqi army will be a question of the beginning of operations against the Western quarters of the city, which moved the main forces of the militants. This will require the transfer of troops to the West Bank of the river to the South or North of the city), as well as Stripping of the assumption West of the city, to hinder the message of the garrison city with a group of “black” in the district of tal afar. Special desire to take Mosul, the militants are not willing, so after the storm of the Western quarters, we are likely to see a repetition of what has already been observed in the Eastern neighborhoods from November to January. It should be noted that starting in late December, the operation to sweep evolved much more successful than trying the beginning of December, when the Iraqis suffered heavy losses.

It should also be noted that the tenacity of the militants and high efficiency for suicide attacks, was unable to turn the unpleasant tide of battle that reflects a simple fact – Mosul for them in the medium term will be completely lost, which will cause the Caliphate as a serious blow, as the loss of Aleppo was hit on the “moderate opposition” in Syria.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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