Deir ez-Zor.16.01.2017 | Colonel Cassad


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Briefly on the situation in Deir ez-Zor.

1. By mid-afternoon on 16 January, SAA was able to hold on to the hospital, “Assad” and the adjacent structure. The Caliphate is not able to achieve immediate success. About who controls the University district of al-Furat and the outskirts of an army base “Panorama” are rather contradictory information, but judging from the lack of triumphant reports from the Caliphate, it is likely the same for the Syrians left.

2. The enemy as in the spring of 2016, combines the activity in the wilderness with the attacks in the city. Which began the evening of the attack in Deir ez-Zor continued today during the day. 13 hours of the day the Caliphate said that he was able to move in the quarter Jarabes and getting ceramic factory, Syrian sources this is not yet confirmed. At this point in the quarter, the fighting continued. The significance of this area is obvious – mastering Harabesi the Khilafah will take control of the road from Deir ez-Zor to the airbase.

3. Syrian aircraft in the morning caused more than 40 airstrikes to the West of the air base in a mountainous area to the South of it. The Caliphate, in turn, continued to fire from guns and mortars at the positions of the Syrian army. According to the statements of Syrian sources during the fighting on 15-16 January losses “black” was 110 people killed. The loss of SAA is unknown, but we must assume that they are just as significant.

It is worth mentioning that “black” had already achieved similar success in mid-may 2016, when they captured the hospital, base “Panorama”, most of Harabesi and was very close to the dismemberment of the enclave. But then they did not work and the defense of the Syrians resisted. Let’s see how will be this time. The situation remains very difficult for the SAA.


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