Deir ez-Zor. Crisis | Colonel Cassad

Officer of the red army

The night of January 16 the situation in Deir-ez-Zor continued to escalate.

The enemy actually broke through the defense in the area between the military base “Panorama” and the airbase of Deir ez-Zor and began to move deeper into the defense of the SAA, seeking completely seperate the airbase from the city that will lead to the fact that the garrison of the enclave will actually be divided, and the enclave will be split into two parts, with the possibility to supply in this configuration, the enclave will be reduced drastically.

Bypassing the enemy positions to the East of the base of the “Panorama”, took the University Furat adjacent building and made his way to the hospital “Assad”. Here they were met by the counter-attack Syrian troops and militia “black”, losing about 15-20 people killed went to the University of al-Furat, in the area which is now heavy fighting (according to some sources, militants pushed from its territory, according to others – he is under the Caliphate – from the area of fighting received extremely contradictory information in the power of the fast-paced environment). In the area of the airbase, the enemy shot down the roadblocks and strong points and fighting for the possession of the district Jiraiya.

The infantry of the Caliphate on the outskirts of the airfield Deir ez-Zor.

The fighting continued despite the night, it rather plays to the benefit of the Caliphate, as Syrian aircraft difficult to provide air support at night without the risk to hurt their own. There is a strong artillery fire of the Caliphate and the arrival under the Deir ez-Zor fresh forces of infantry and armored vehicles of the enemy, which must build on the success.

The situation is close to critical. If the SAA will not be able to push DAESH from their positions it will not retain control over the hospital, “Assad” and University of al-Furat, the question of the dismemberment of the enclave into two parts will be a matter of time, which dramatically impede organized defense. Thus, in contrast to Palmyra, there is nowhere to retreat, which further motivates the Syrian part, which is well aware what “blacks” are doing with prisoners. Syrian sources say that this is one of the largest and most organized attacks of the Caliphate under the Deir ez-Zor during the siege. Syrian troops, nothing remains but to hold, as they did the previous 3 years.

UPD: Syrian sources report that the attacks of the Caliphate in the hospital, “Assad” repulsed, the hospital, the enemy was unable to break through. The loss of the “black” amounted to 15 men killed.

UPD: it is Reported that the enemy concentrates troops to attack the 137th military base, which is a major Outpost of defense in the West of the enclave.

Fighters discuss the plan of attack.

The link, live daytime and evening fighting in the area of 137th base. Shows some Syrian nose taken “black.”
As it is noted that the enemy is trying to develop activity in the heart of Deir ez-Zor

Stauffenberg was Right!

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