Russia & Libya | Colonel Cassad



The Libyan press reports that the chief of the General staff Gerasimov, the Russian Federation and a number of senior Russian military arrived in Tobruk to hold talks with Haftar’s forces, which have already called to Moscow in search of political support and weapons.

Khalifa Haftar, of a typical Agency’s creature that catapulted into the rebel camp during the aggression against Libya. During the war of 2011, Haftar quickly got up, arming large numbers of people on CIA money. Later, after the liquidation of the Jamahiriya, the Americans have relied on other people and Haftar was one of the parties in the local civil war opposing the government in Tripoli and groups from Misrata, simultaneously being produced in “the field-Marshal”. Problems with financing the Haftarot decided, taking their troops with a number of key coastal ports through which the export of Libyan oil at dumping prices. Along the way, his troops continue the war with the Caliphate, which claims to be the Benghazi and a number of surrounding cities.

In fact, the Haftarot, the former losing support in the US (the main supply of weapons from the US and NATO are at the top of the official government of Libya, or at least the militias from Misrata) looking for other sources of external legitimacy, so the Haftarah is seeking other sources of funding for his “adventures” on the ruins of the country, to the murder of which he had a hand. The trip to Moscow is an important stage of this quest. The haftarot at first very interested in the supply of weapons (light armored vehicles, artillery, MLRS, ammunition, etc.etc.) and enhance its international legitimacy within the framework of competition with other groups fighting for influence and control over the oil flows on the ruins of Libya. In exchange, he, most likely, Russia offers various opportunities to ensure a military presence in Libya (up to anchorage points or even maintenance of the fleet), a photo op on the topic of “combating terrorism in Libya” and most importantly, a manifestation of the military-political activity of Russia in the Mediterranean after which to Europe is the flow of refugees.Benefits from investments in the Haftarot rather abstract (although it is understandable why it leads the negotiations – that he is in control at the moment, the main streams of export of Libyan oil), but judging by the reports about the visit of the military delegation of the Russian Federation in Tobruk, Haftar was able to be something of interest and negotiations are ongoing, although it is more likely that Russia is just testing the waters on the subject of the current situation in Libya and finds out whether or actively to be involved in this.It is understood that the Russian military activity in Libya to be pretty to irritate NATO, as in Libya are the contingents of France and Italy, and operations in coastal areas of the country, until recently, was attended by the United States. It is not excluded that attempts of Russia to gain a foothold in Libya at the expense of the Haftarot will be declared “aggressive threat the southern flank of NATO.”

It is also worth noting that to the North of Tobruk had just declared ship group “Admiral Kuznetsov”, which makes teaching there with the consent of LNA. The exercises are held every day from 8 Jan and Russian planes were observed in the airspace of Libya. The Libyan office for civil aviation recommended that civilian aircraft to stay clear of the exercise area. It is worth considering the possibility that the Haftarot trying to use the visit of the officers of the CAG in Libyan territorial waters for their PR relations with Russia, giving this meeting more important than it really is.

The area of operations “Admiral Kuznetsov”.

Preparing to meet the guests.

At the entrance to Tobruk.

The Haftarah on the “Kuznetsov”


In the sequel to
the Haftarot, together with his retinue visited the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, where he met with Vice-Admiral Sokolov and remote held talks with Shoigu.

About any long-term agreements was not declared.
Haftar has received a small batch of drugs, and stated the necessity of joint fight against terrorism and returned to Tobruk.

The Western media quite predictably accused Russia that she is using the Haftarot can create problems for a puppet government controlled NATO.
See a threat that if Russia gives the Haftarot a weapon, he will be able to equip the largest army in Libya, and with the control of most of Libya’s oil fields (as well as ports that are required for its export abroad), he can tip the scales of local civil war in their favor. At the same time, he can blackmail their former masters ties with Russia to extract concessions from the Europeans.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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