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Interesting interview with Bulgarian journalist about war in Syria and supplying weapons from Bulgaria. It is worth remembering that many Bulgarians did not share the policy of their government associated with the use of Bulgaria as a transit country for the transport of weapons to Syria for the militants.


, Dilana Gaitandzhiev – Bulgarian journalist covering military conflicts in different hot spots around the world. For his documentary about the war in Syria a “Red Border” received the honors of the Union of Bulgarian journalists.

— When you decided to become a journalist and work in areas of military conflict?

— Actually I did not choose –life made the choice for me. In recent years deal with the lighting of the so-called “Arab spring” in Egypt, the revolution in Libya, the war in Gaza and Syria.
When once you find yourself in this situation and will see firsthand the war in the eyes of a child, lost their arms, legs, a child dying of hunger without a home, a future without dreams, then understand the meaning of journalism. If I or other reporters won’t show the real face of war, as people around the world will know the truth about Syria, for example?

When in 2013 I was covering the war in the Syrian city of HOMS, in one of their reports, I called the rebels, ozadivka city, al-Qaeda, showed the black banner of al-Qaeda (by the time of the “Islamic state” was another branch of the front “al-Nusra” (the structure is prohibited in Russia – ed.). While in Bulgaria I felt the pressure, with the financial support of different funds through the Embassy of Qatar in Sofia. I was accused of lying. Two years later the world saw that these so-called”rebels” are actually terrorists who cut the heads, burning alive of their victims, kill all who refuse to accept their radical ideology that rejects secular rule in Syria and the world at large.
They say that the first victim of every war is truth. This is exactly what happened in Syria, unfortunately, the propaganda is much worse and destructive than the war itself, when the conflicting interests of world powers.

— Reporters without borders reported the death of at least 57 journalists killed worldwide during 2016, 19 of them in Syria. How journalists work in conditions of war and can it be said that international journalists have become targets for jihadists?

— The majority of journalists killed in Syria have become victims of this propaganda. Those who went into Syria illegally via Turkey, was probably in error because of the propaganda that the so-called “rebels” — it’s honest and innocent people who are fighting for justice. These journalists were kidnapped, some beheaded as a warning to others. Some died from the rocket attacks, bombings, snipers. This price is the truth, but without it, the world still would be in error.

— Who and against whom war in Syria and what happens if we assume the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad?

— World powers are at war for power, influence and control in the middle East, using different ideologies, justifications, having different motivation and intermediaries to justify their participation in this war. Assad is not overthrown, since the major players can’t agree. Very sad that some of them are not interested in ending the war. They need it as a justification for their policy in this part of the world.

— Can we say that Western countries contribute to the continuation of the war in Syria, justifying their actions with the threat of terrorism?

— If not seen with my own eyes, I, probably like most people in Europe have believed in the propaganda about “good” and “bad” terrorists in Syria. In 2014, together with Dr. Mohd Abuasi of the Center for middle Eastern studies met the Deputy commander of the free Syrian army Malik al-Kurdi in the Turkish city of Antakya on the border with Syria. It was one of the most difficult interview in my life. The truth is that the Syrian free army in Syria are physically absent. Its members in Europe, in Turkey but not in Syria.According to the Deputy commander of the free Syrian army with all the weapons from the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Europe only on the documents sent to the SSA. Most of the supply of weapons goes straight into the hands of jihadists from al-Nusra and ISIS. As Malik al-Kurdi we have explained, there are two distribution center for the supply of weapons from Turkey and Jordan, which involved the security services of 10 countries that, according to Malik and is the West’s double game is to arm terrorists while pretending to fight with him.

— How you found the cache of weapons and is it possible to trace the path of illegal shipments?

— When the Islamists of al-Nusra front retreated from their positions in Eastern Aleppo, we entered the Old city. The abandoned house was a huge stash of weapons — all the weapons made in Bulgaria, made in the factory VMZ-Sopot and exported private arms company “Arkus” (g .Lyaskovets). Everything in the Old city was found nine weapons caches: 4000 rockets GRAD, 2 million rounds for heavy machine guns, all made in Bulgaria.Prosecutors in the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa started checking, which is likely nothing. Likely to make a statement that no infringements, because the company has exported weapons to a third country such as the USA or Saudi Arabia. I asked the Saudi Embassy in Sofia, what are they doing with weapons, which is purchased in Bulgaria, given that the Saudi army uses weapons made in the West (from which we can conclude that the Bulgarian weapons, which Saudi Arabia officially becomes not supplied to the army of the country).The messenger of the Kingdom said that he would not answer my question…

Prepared Asya Duan

http://news-front.info/2017/01/13/pervaya-zhertva-kazhdoj-vojny-istina/#.WHjxsJO7up8.facebook – zinc

Plus on the topic.

http://www.vestifinance.ru/articles/79424 – the reaction of the Russian foreign Ministry on the detection of the warehouse with the Bulgarian weapons in Eastern Aleppo
http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/2875229.html – masternode investigation of “the Balkan px for the Middle East”
https://eadaily.com/ru/news/2016/10/14/oruzhie-iz-bolgarii-ssha-organizovyvayut-v-sirii-vtoroy-afganistan – Weapons from Bulgaria: the US organized in Syria another Afghanistan?
https://eadaily.com/ru/news/2016/12/30/bolgariya-ne-otkazyvaetsya-prodavat-oruzhie-dlya-dzhihadistov – on the activities of the company Arcus
http://www.balkans.kp.ru/online/news/2614355/ – weapons reported by the American agents

In General, the scheme is there is fairly simple – Bulgarian arms through the Arcus sold to buyers from USA, Saudi Arabia or Qatar, then transferred to fighters in Syria, including those associated with “al-Qaeda”.
With weapons from other countries, it goes through Turkey and Jordan into Syria. In this respect, the Bulgarian government certainly knows how Bulgarian weapons arrive in Syria, but pretends like it’s not being here. I am glad that the Bulgarian media finally began to wonder at what their country is indirectly supporting international terrorist organizations.Not even hiding that the Bulgarian leadership was aware of the fact that the Americans (Pentagon and CIA) and the Saudis are buying Bulgarian arms, to through the structure of the Syrian Free Army to convey his various jihadist groups.

PS. Let’s see, will the situation change after the election of rumen Radeva, who promised significant changes in the policy of Bulgaria, which according to his statements promises to be more pragmatic.

Positive Donald trump that he is “not a slave to political prejudices,” said the newly elected President of Bulgaria, rumen Radev in an interview with French channel France 24. According to him, trump is always looking for a pragmatic approach when solving problems. “I hope his management will lead to the restoration of dialogue with Russia, which is very important for the peaceful existence of the world and Europe in particular,” said Radev.
He stressed that he wants a speedy lifting of sanctions against Russia, which are detrimental not only to Russia but also to European countries.
Decisions should be taken unanimously and jointly. Bulgaria will follow European politics, but Bulgaria has its voice. I think that in the near future sanctions against Russia will be canceled, said Radev.
In relation to the annexation of Crimea by Russia, he called for “realism and pragmatism”. “For Europe, the Crimea, Ukrainian, he is on the map of Ukraine. However, de facto it’s Russian, we can’t neglect the reality that over the Crimea is developing the Russian flag. The future of the Crimea will be decided by the people who have to ask whether he wants to return to Ukraine or not. We need to seek civilized solutions,” said Radev.

http://rus.bg/obschestvo/obschestvo/18116-rumen-radev-nadeetsya-chto-donald-tramp-vosstanovit-dialog-s-rossiej – zinc

Radev as trump takes office on January 19, after which he promised to disband the Bulgarian Parliament and hold early elections.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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