Dugin’s Guideline – Futuristic CIA report

All and Sundry last time laugh at the report of US National intelligence, which allegedly contains “irrefutable information” that the Russian media, the influence of agents and hackers contributed to the victory in the United States their candidate and the winning trump. However, if you soberly read the text of the document, there is not only nothing compelling – there is not even more or less sane and reasoned information as such. The report is really helpless and ridiculous, the impression that it did hastily and generally not caring about arguments, facts and logical constructs.It leaves the impression that the head of us intelligence is simply incompetent, unable to talk politics, for them the main thing – the pathos and emotional effect, but the CIA, FBI and NSA… Whom they scored… Yes, the swamp really needs draining. Will soon start.

But there is a serious side. First, Putin and Russia really affect the outcome of elections in the United States. Of course, not by hackers, a small portion of objective reports on RT and, especially, not agents of influence. Although lobbying in the U.S. is permitted by law of the Russian lobby is not there. But the fact that Putin has not caved in under globalism, it has restored and strengthened Russia’s sovereignty, did not recede from the planned fight against terrorism and generally behaved independently and with dignity, as befits the leader of a great Power, Americans have certainly made a lasting impression.They wanted someone like Putin and trump felt it and it played. Here helped and the globalists themselves with their hysterical and trying to accuse Putin of all mortal sins. They created an exaggerated way – this doctor is Evil, and that the most interesting thing is the Americans liked it. Evil delights, Vaccinium attracts. Of course, the real, quiet, law-abiding and democratic, Putin to this virtual figure is irrelevant, but worked a kind of meme. The image of cruel powerful Dark Emperor of the great Empire reminded Americans something familiar.And the more hysterical Obama and Hillary Clinton, the more that Putin himself was not paying any attention, the more they – or its image, is not so important – admired.

Was dooshmans chose trump. But I don’t know how to explain what happened: after all, they themselves are to blame, but to call a spade a spade ashamed. Therefore, a new lie, and I think a new wave of rapture – Ah Yes, the Russian hackers from GRU with the Romanian Guccifer 2.0 account, Ah Yes, Margarita Simonyan from RT, Ah Yes Russian businessmen want to be as cool and all to hack, and to put all their presidents. Even more excited…

But look what happens in this fight misinformation and fake news, where one plausible or completely implausible wave, is superimposed on another. On Russia, the American special services together have projected exactly the same thing that they themselves have made against our country and against other countries.Here, you and American officers from the cyber troops relentlessly fasting messages as “daughter of a Crimean officer” – remember, two years ago: “Believe me, it’s not so simple…” And direct bribery of the political opposition – remember, until recently Russia’s fifth column almost openly handing out money to revolt, unrest and destabilization of the political situation.And finally, what can we say about the giants of the global news networks CNN, BBC and many others to the day broadcast slandering those who are not nice to the globalists, and if you need to transform victims into executioners, terrorists, heroes, and extremists in innocent human rights defenders.

So I decided to make mirror projection: out-ka we are all what we create ourselves, to Russia. Russia seems to be nothing to do with it, but not so much from generosity, but from awkwardness. For decades to convince the secret services and the military that network war is much more serious than a computer game which is played by the grandchildren. And beautiful work RT, which is really admirable, should not be overestimated.Yes, it uses advanced technology to deliver our point of view, and this view in fact is often much closer and in tune for those Americans than their own information giants. But all these wonderful things response information war of Russia against globalization, colonialism and the unipolar world is, alas, in its infancy.

And so, if the us hackers got into our network, and American agents bugged the German Chancellor is why we can not cause a symmetrical response? And once you learn, will definitely apply if the network aggression will not stop. With us it is better not to joke. But if you stop, you will not pay. We are people of peace. But the main thing is that we have such strength, such determination, and the potential is low. Therefore, the report of the National intelligence completely bogus.

All the best, have you watched the program “Directive Dugin”” about the Russian intervention in the American elections.

Something to hide, the election result really good fit. Trump, at least in words, well done and, God forbid, will. But to meet the accusations of the CIA, FBI and NSA from the report – let’s call it not just silly but action-Packed, we still have a lot of work. Meanwhile, our next intervention in the internal Affairs of American democracy – will help in the dismissal of incompetent and apparently corrupt fools, who heads the US intelligence services. Perhaps start with the head of the CIA – finished bastard of John Owen Brennan.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv


Stauffenberg was Right!

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