The latest model Tanks T-72B3 will arrive in the First Guards Tank Army |


Tanks T-72B3, the latest modification will go into service connections and military units of the First Guards Tank army, stationed in the Moscow region, told journalists on Tuesday the head of the press service of the Western military district (ZVO) Colonel Igor Muginov, reports RIA Novosti.

Tank crews will proceed with development of new combat vehicles during driving lessons and the firings, which will begin immediately after the arrival of the T-72B3 in the unit.
“The first batch of tanks T-72B3, the latest of modernization will come into service of military units and formations of tank enterprises stationed in the Moscow region”, — said Muginov.
He noted that the distinguishing features of the new tank compared to the previous versions are more powerful engine, improved weapons systems, targeting and management.
“So, for the driver provides automatic gear, digital display and TV rear view camera. Also modernization has touched the enclosure: the combined multi-layered armor enhanced side screens with modules of dynamic protection “Relic” hinged lattice screens as well as additional modules dynamic protection soft case”, — said the representative of the WMD.

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