Dugin’s Guideline – The Treaty of Versailles


10 Jan 1920 saw the first ever meeting of the League of Nations. It was signed the famous Treaty of Versailles, ending world war I and paved the way for the Second. What was in that contract? This is self-explanatory.

First, it was the success of the civilization of the Sea, represented at that time by the Entente, with the exception of Russia, formerly of the coalition, but disposed of it in the power of the Bolshevik revolution. The fact that the British and French were able to draw Russia into the war on their side against Germany and Austria, our natural geopolitical allies – partners in the land of civilization, was for the Entente with great success.Until the two continental land powers – even three, if you include the Ottoman Empire – will destroy each other in mortal combat, it will take advantage of their geopolitical antagonists – Britain, the main enemy of Russia, France and the United States. In the great wars, and all wars generally very much almost all, sometimes is determined by the starting conditions. In coalition with whom and against whom the war begins – already determines its success or failure.

Joining the war on the allied side, Russia has collapsed as an Empire, in spite of the success at the initial stage. But also collapsed and the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Second German Reich. Three of the last stronghold of traditional society was destroyed during the war. Anglophiles, Westerners and, in particular, the Duma Freemasonry, to remain loyal to the Entente and after February, that is after the coming to power of the Provisional government, insisted on the support of the Emperor Nicholas II of the Entente, contrary to the views of Russian conservatives – Rasputin and the Empress.Thus were doomed Russians, Austrians, Germans and Turks. Among the winners at Versailles was only a country of civilization Sea. All the rest were broken.

According to the results of the victory in the First world war these forces had created the prototype of the World Government – the League of Nations. At its core were the winners of the Atlanticists. And they included all the others as they recognized the rules of the game established by the West.

And here is the League of Nations at its first meeting, approve the regulations of the Versailles Treaty. They were made to dismember Austria and put Germany in such conditions that it would lose its sovereignty – in particular, she was forbidden to have an army, pursue an independent economic policy and to have any government except the liberal-democratic and Pro-British. Russia Versailles was not concerned, as it was believed that during the civil war it will be in ruins.

But then, as the victorious country turned against Germany, was a successful example of finishing off a defeated enemy. And since the Germans are not the people to endure this humiliation for too long, it is the Versailles gave the arguments of the German national-socialists, and in fact led the NSDAP to power. After that the allies at Versailles did to Germany in the eyes of the Germans themselves, with the French and the British could do anything. And they did – at least with the French. So it is Versailles, as a punishment of entire peoples, with a special cynicism of the winner, became the trigger for the Second world war.

One more important point. In Versailles, there was a radical turn in American politics. Woodrow Wilson reluctantly became involved in the First world war, and then in the last stage. But at this moment he formulated his 14 points, where he rejected the usual for the USA policy of isolationism and neutrality and proclaimed the era of US intervention in global conflicts and wars with the aim of so-called “defense of democracy”.Thus, in the Treaty of Versailles, the drafting of which Wilson and his advisers marked the beginning of the CFR – Council on Foreign Relations, took an active part, we should see the beginning of the era of liberal globalization. With the centre and forefront of this globalization since that time he became USA. The center of the Sea of civilization is transferred from England to America, and the British pass the baton – including the experience of their intelligence and, above all, intelligence , because his intelligence the US had until the Second world war, its former colony, which has become now a global hegemon.

After Versailles and Wilson with his 14 points the world is developing according to the logic of liberal globalisation with the US at the helm. The second world war has been won yet again because of the imposition of the Atlanticists ‘ starting positions – when again two continental powers met in the bloody battle – the fruits of this hurried are Anglo-Saxons. And the Marshall plan after the defeat of Hitler in 1945 was in fact a Second Versailles.

What lesson are we to learn from history the Treaty of Versailles? First of all, to be attentive to the geopolitics and its laws. It is impossible for the third time to allow the Atlanticists to pit Russia with the continental European powers. This will lead to the collapse. But there is reason for optimism: the new President of the United States Donald trump belongs to the category American politicians that the authorities were not just the era of Wilson and the Treaty of Versailles.Trump is an outspoken critic of liberal globalization and called for the return of America to itself – to the good old negrebetskiy to Wilson and Versailles America. Let’s see how his words will continue business, but the liberals and the globalists don’t hate trump for nothing.

All the best, have you watched the program “Directive Dugin” about the Treaty of Versailles.
Ignorance of geopolitics does not exempt us from its laws. A knowledge of these laws allows not only to consider, but even to change – in their favor.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv


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