Turkey withdraws its troops from Iraq | Colonel Cassad




The Prime Minister of Iraq said http://kurdistan.ru/2017/01/07/news-28276_Tureckiy_i_irakskiy_premery_obsudili_problemy_granic.html that it reached an important agreement with Turkey, whereby Turkey agreed to withdraw its troops from Iraq in the Mosul area and “to respect the territorial integrity of Iraq.” The Iraqi government, according to Kurdish sources promised to limit the influence of the PKK on Iraqi territory, although it’s going to do it, it is not clear how the PKK operates mainly in the territories controlled by the Peshmerga.

In Iraq, Erdogan actively climbed back in 2015 and despite the protests of Iraq, who complained to the UN? and exhortations of the United States, who asked Erdogan to respect the borders of Iraq, and remove troops from there, Erdogan is not in a hurry, simultaneously accusing of various sins, the Iraqi government, but would not withdraw the troops. Periodically, there were reports that erdoğan’s gonna take over your mind and withdraw its troops, sometimes it was accompanied by statements that there is any agreement regulating the withdrawal of troops, but the Turks were in no hurry to leave finding new and new excuses.They usually explained their presence in Iraq the necessity of combating ISIL and the Kurdistan workers ‘ Party, although the real purpose was rather to maintain influence on the development of the Kurdish question within the framework of the isolation of Iraqi Kurdistan is part of Iraq, that in 2015-2016 led to active contacts of Ankara with the regime in Erbil, bypassing Baghdad official.

In the environment of the Turkish radicals on the contrary it is presented as “the recovery phase of the Ottoman power,” referring to long-standing Imperial and pan-Turkic fantasies of Erdogan, however, the current foreign policy situation is not too favorable. Now here is the story of a Turkish intervention has gone on a new circle, and this time it is official.Whether the agreement between Turkey and Iraq to work will depend on whether Turkey curtail its military presence in Basic (although the military presence of Turkey in Iraq alone this database is not exhausted) and will take the troops into their territory. If indeed the withdrawal is implemented, it will be possible to say that the turn of Turkish foreign policy after the failed coup attempt in the summer of 2016 years, affects not only the Syrian track, but also entails a change in the approaches of Turkey to the Iraqi Affairs.The decline of the real influence of Turkey in the Iraqi case, would mean that Erdogan is taking a new normality and abandons its aggressive policy, turning to a strategy of coordinating their actions with other key players in the middle East war not only in Syria but in Iraq.

However, given the chaotic nature of the policy of Erdogan for many years, there still should wait for concrete steps to withdraw troops. In Syria, Erdogan has been able in recent months to prove that it can conduct an adequate policy. View. how is he going to succeed in Iraq.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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