The transfer of the 4th infantry division of the US into Europe | Colonel Cassad



In addition to the
photos of the unloading of American armored vehicles of the 4th infantry division of the US army in the German Bremerhaven.

Briefly on the topic of the deployment of NATO troops in Europe.

I do not know for whom it was a revelation, but the deployment of parts of the mechanized brigade of the United States and the engineering parts in Eastern Europe was announced in the spring and summer of 2016. During the year the Senate Committee on defence was debate on the number required for the deployment of troops and allocated funds for it. In the end, according to a compromise reached between the Republican majority in the Senate, the Pentagon and the Obama administration, in addition to already deployed contingents of U.S. troops and NATO in Eastern Europe (Poland, the Baltic States, Czech Republic, Romania is to be placed in 2017, the year of full mechanized brigade of the US army and various part of the software.

The main force of American troops will be stationed in Poland. War games, where he worked out the scenario of a direct confrontation of US troops and the Russian Federation on the territory of the Baltic States showed that NATO troops there to be defeated quickly, the first country to deploy U.S. troops selected Poland. Simultaneously, the US demanded (and trump will probably insist on this) that the other NATO countries didn’t filoni and allocated the required 2% on defense, including strengthening of the Eastern flank of NATO, because at the moment, the Europeans are not doing even that. The United States itself, in addition to the payment for the deployment of more troops, will be charged the additional exercises in the territories of Eastern Europe (the most large-scale in 2016, the year was “Anaconda” and Swift Responce various training programs for the armies of Ukraine (General assistance program – $ 300 million), the Baltic States and Poland. According to a compromise reached to increase military presence in Eastern Europe, the Obama administration agreed that the budget for these programs in 2016-th year (about 700-750 million dollars in open applications and a certain number of secret funds) should be increased and be around a 3.4 – 3.7 billion dollars. What we see now is just the implementation has long been accepted and paid solutions.Moreover, it is worth remembering that in addition to deploying military contingents, the increased activity of the CIA in Eastern Europe, and the strengthening of centres of reference information and psychological and cyber warfare.

Unloading the first batch of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, this is just the first step, for them to be and more. More autumn than once pointed to the fact that the Pentagon its plans claimed, regardless of who may win the election – the plans included in the budget, conducted war games, on them has taken a strategic decision, they agreed with his younger allies. Now they are just being implemented, and given the fact that they have already been paid and approved, it is unlikely that even in the most favorable scenario, trump suddenly starts to back off.At least that was allocated for this military activity will be spent and implemented, and defense contractors will master the allocated funds. This question is sure to be one of the key negotiations the U.S. and Russia, where Russia would be interested in to reduce military activity U.S. and NATO on their Western borders, or at least remain at the current level, which is unpleasant, but not critical. In case, if the events will develop under the adverse scenarios, will be useful for symmetric measures that have been taken since the beginning of 2016, the formation and deployment of the new infantry and armored divisions in the West in the framework of the reconstructed army offices

In addition, as countermeasures to the deployment of American troops on the Western borders of the Russian Federation and Belarus and strengthening programs for placing missile defense systems in Eastern Europe directed against the Russian nuclear deterrent, Russia puts missile complexes “Iskander” in Kaliningrad hastily perevooruzhit part in the Western and Central part of the country on the latest technology, accelerate the construction of nuclear submarines, is reviving the project bzhrk, is the process of Renate different organizational solutions related to the verification of the state’s readiness for war Also aktiviziruyutsya the work of the FIS in Eastern Europe and the FSB in the border areas, intensifitsiruetsa propaganda in Europe is directed against USA and NATO, and the “evil russian hackers” I think not asleep. It is compulsory. but the necessary measures, as the threat of a military conflict with NATO, under Obama, was not illusory.Now nourish some hope that when the trump of the US can get away with escalation of the track, but it is not difficult to notice on continuing the symmetrical activity of the armed forces, all eggs in the basket not folded and simultaneously preparing for more negative scenarios, when the cold war started by Obama, will continue at trump. At the moment, both parties act in line with the logic of a new cold war, although at the diplomatic level, the Russian Federation and representatives of the trump notes the softened rhetoric.

At the moment, US forces and NATO is insufficient for a large-scale aggressive action against Russia, is more of a deterrent, which demonstrate the flag and military activity in certain countries, like this and like Obama, but a clear trend in which, a light curtain in Eastern Europe based on the local army combat capability is low, it will turn into a threatening concentration of troops, which will form the real core of combat-ready units of the armies of NATO countries and especially the United States, with associated tightening of the level of the armies of Eastern Europe.Thus, preconditions will be created for large-scale military conflict, especially that we will be building up the war effort. Of course, nuclear weapons seriously hampered the plans of the hawks, but missile defense in Eastern Europe unfold not just. It is obvious that there is a tunnel under the defenses of the Russian Federation and she is forced to take adequate measures to prevent the situation weakening the possibility of making a retaliatory nuclear missile attack and change the military parity in the West.

Thus, at the beginning of 2017 onwards, we see the inertia of the preceding policy 2014-2016х years and while there is no guarantee that this issue will be any positive changes. It is unlikely that trump will be able to reshape the program of the Pentagon to Eastern Europe to 2017-th year. A lot depends on what he will agree or not agree with the Kremlin. but seem to be laid only on speculative opportunity to negotiate with the United States is not, and gunpowder in any case it is better to keep dry, adequately responding to the growing military threat on Western borders.

Hello the Us army.

Download in beaumont, Texas.

The official statement associated with the transfer of technology.

List of moving parts.

The Port Of Bremerhaven.

It is worth noting that the first party is not 2,000 tanks, as it has already spread in the media, and 87 tanks, 18 self-propelled guns, infantry fighting vehicles and 144 419 Humvee.
Statement quantity 2500 units of armored vehicles (not tanks) should be accumulated by the summer of 2017.

Below, pictures of the transfer of personnel and equipment of the 4th infantry division of the U.S. army in Europe from the official webpage of the division in the social.networks. page division in Facebook (there’s a lot of photos)




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