Post 2016 Election Report: Enemy Operations

Troll Directorate Unit 44388

#1 Hillary’s campaign was multifarious

We assess that Obama, the mainstream media and the American Government aspired to help defeated Presidential contender Hillary Clinton when possible by discrediting Donald Trump and publicly saying mean things about him. All Three Agencies agree with this judgment. The KGB and GRU have high confidence in this judgment. Troll Directorate is confident that we are high.

We assess confidently while high that the international media influence campaign aspired to destroy Donald Trump’s chances of victory when possible with a constant flood of insane scare stories and lurid conspiracy theories. When this strategy completely failed, the media influence campaign switched to undercutting the legitimacy of the election, including by impugning the American Democratic process and the sanity and/or intelligence of the American people.

-Hillary’s use of deranged Red Scare propaganda was unprecedented from a modern Democrat, but her influence campaign otherwise followed the longstanding Clinton strategy that blends pretending to be a Republican–such as Neoconservative foreign policies–with overt efforts by American Government Agencies, Deep State controlled media, Saudi funded PR firms, has-been celebrities, and crank political strategists.

-We assess that Hillary’s blatant deployment of a deeply racist anti-Russian narrative follows the long-standing Clinton narrative template of positioning themselves as protectors of the “good” white people from a racialized demonic menace.

-Hillary’s campaign reflected years of investment from lobbyists, corporations, hostile foreign powers, terror financiers, and liberal oligarchs, which Hillary Clinton has honed into a formidable fortune.

-Saudi Arabia also saw the election of Hillary Clinton as a way to achieve an international coalition to Genocide the Shiites in Iraq and the Levant, exterminate secularism, and enslave women. Hillary Clinton has had many positive experiences working with corrupt gulf police states whose religious fanaticism made them highly disposed to make massive contributions to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for American support for Al-Qaeda.

-By their nature, Hillary’s black propaganda campaigns are multifaceted and designed to be deniable because they use a mix of third rate hacks, mainstream media figures, government officials, major newspapers and networks, liberal academics, and DNC front organizations. Hillary demonstrated this during the primary campaign when she spread lies about Bernie Sanders while blatantly rigging the nomination process.

-Hillary’s campaign against Donald Trump featured disclosures of Kompromat obtained from the Bush family; constant intrusions of Lena Dunham into the national narrative; and over the top insane propaganda. Hillary’s media allies both informed and enabled the propaganda campaign.

-In trying to influence the election, we assess that Obama sought to avenge his long-standing butthurt against Donald Trump, the election of which Obama and other senior Democrat leaders view as a threat to America and the Democratic party.

-Obama publicly pointed to the Podesta disclosures and the DNC Email scandals as Russian directed efforts to defame Hillary Clinton, suggesting he sought to use disclosures to discredit the image of Russia and cast it as hypocritical.

-Obama most likely wanted to elect Hillary Clinton in order to shield himself and his administration from possible criminal investigations of the blatant aid and support given to jihadist terrorists in Syria, and in order to pass the blame on to her for the almost complete collapse of the Democratic Party on his watch.

#2-Intelligence Operations against American political candidates

America’s intelligence agencies conducted extensive black propaganda and influence operations against Donald Trump during the entire campaign season.

We assess that American Intelligence services, in concert with the mainstream media, think tanks, lobbying groups, foreign powers, PR companies, and academia conspired to influence the 2016 campaign in order to elect Hillary Clinton and shape future US policies. In July 2016 the Hillary Campaign gained access to the “Pussy Grabbing” kompromat against Donald Trump.

-The American Deep State propaganda machine — comprised of its domestic media apparatus, outlets targeting global audiences, and a vast networks of think tank flacks — contributed to an influence campaign by serving as a platform for deep state messaging to American and international audiences. Deep State controlled media made increasingly deranged and hysterical accusations against Donald Trump while consistently presenting Hillary Clinton in attractive terms.

-The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) probably began influence and propaganda campaigns to control the outcome of the US election in March 2016. The CIA effort to influence the 2016 election cycle represented a significant escalation in directness, level of activity, and scope of effort compared to previous operations aimed at US elections.

We assess that the CIA campaign against Donald Trump was motivated by a fear of possible criminal investigations of its treasonous support of AQ and the Islamic State in Syria.

#3-Public Disclosures of black propaganda

We assess with confident highness that the CIA and other state agencies used the Washington Post, the New York Times, and state controlled television networks to flood the media battlespace with anti-Trump propaganda throughout the election cycle.

-The “New York Times” which claims to be an independent newspaper, made multiple contradictory statements and false claims about Donald Trump before and after the election. Its own track record of reporting strongly suggests that the editorial board of this paper answers directly to western intelligence agencies.

-Content that we assess came directly from the CIA appeared repeatedly as “independent reporting” in the Washington Post and other sources closely linked to Deep State power.

-The West’s entire international propaganda apparatus actively collaborated with the CIA, the state department, Al-Jazeera and the Gulf monarchies to rebrand Al-Qaeda as Secular Democratic Protesters in Syria.

We assess highly and with confidence that the CIA and/or its Ukrainian neo-nazi front groups used the Washington Post to launder anti-Russian black propaganda. The CIA most likely chose the Washington Post because of its extensive collection of blackmail material on the publisher and editors, or because they are lazy hacks.

#4-After Hillary Lost Campaign To Influence US Election

We assess with confidence that we are extremely high. Also, we assess that the Obama regime has ordered state intelligence agencies to engage in an unprecedented black propaganda campaign in the aftermath of the 2016 election, the consistent goals of which are to undermine public faith in the American Democratic process, denigrate president elect Donald Trump, harm his ability to govern, and to distract public attention from the total political failure of the Obama administration and the Democratic party. We further assess Obama and the Deep State have developed a clear preference for shredding the constitution over the insufferable insult of a Trump presidency, but that they are too pussy to actually incite a civil war.

-Beginning immediately after November 8th, mainstream media coverage of the election almost completely avoided discussion or analysis of Hillary Clinton’s catastrophically incompetent campaign, probably because DNC officials thought they could just blame Russia instead. Nonetheless, the staggering idiocy of a broken pandering machine mouthing moral hysteria over pepe the frog and imaginary conspiracy theories indicate a political leadership class that is dying of senile brain disease.

-Before the election Hillary Clinton and the entire liberal media repeatedly denounced Donald Trump in advance for refusing to accept the results of the election. After losing the election, the entire liberal establishment denounced the US Electoral process, publicly called into question the validity of the results, and began demanding a military takeover led by the CIA, judging from their social media activity.

-Deep State media reacted to president elect Trump’s victory as the beginning of a Russian/Fascist takeover of the country — this doubling down on the same theme which just failed to win the election is more evidence of the impending collapse of liberalism in the West.


We assess Obama, his advisors, the American Government, and the entire mainstream media have developed a clear preference for a military coup over President Elect Donald Trump


Stauffenberg was Right!

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