Incompetence, my dear America | Colonel Cassad


A published report by US intelligence on the “Russian hackers”. Take a look at it here

the report Itself is not very big and is rather a list of points, rather than any large-scale study.

In short, US intelligence accuses the Russian leadership that it ordered, which led to the hacking, to influence the course and outcome of the election race of the United States, as well as information to discredit Hillary Clinton, the American media and the American democratic system as a whole. Trump all of this in an extended version was presented at a meeting with heads of FBI, CIA and national intelligence. Trump had heard all this she called the meeting constructive and said that there was no influence of the Russian Federation on the outcome of the elections in the United States was not and therefore there is no reason to doubt the legitimacy of the victory of the trump. Earlier, Biden after reading the same report found him very convincing and jumped on trump’s accusations, saying how can you be President and not believe his own intelligence, and even promise to reform. The position of the intelligence and the outgoing democratic administration is quite simple – the Kremlin stepped in to one of the candidates helped him to become President of the United States. That is, continue to insist on their utter incompetence just to annoy Trump.

On the subject of this controversy, the Democrats and the tramp, one recalls President John Henry Eden from Fallout.

Hello my beautiful America! This is a President trump. It’s time for a heart to heart conversation.

We live in an age of poverty, greed, violence and destruction. Indeed, the heart of the Federal government, Washington, became what is now called the Capital Wasteland.
Capital wasteland – how did it come to this, America, as the leaders of one of the most powerful Nations on Earth allowed her to die? The answer is very simple – incompetence. The incompetence of the higher echelons of power. We blindly trusted the nerds. Our brave leaders had everything their heart desired – power, wealth, prestige. And you know, America, they are lazy.

Oh Yes, and laziness is the mother of stupidity. Rest assured, I will not repeat the mistakes of my predecessors. Donald trump rebuilt the country! And rebuilt it for ages! The American way! Don’t you, my beautiful America, don’t deserve it? Does not deserve a future without war, fear, and terrible uncertainty? As President of the United States, I solemnly swear I will not allow myself a single minute, not a second of peace until we all will have that long deserved. A place that we can call a real home.

We’re going to break up, but don’t be sad America. Donald trump is working tirelessly to make America great again. So just wait. Until we meet again. There was a President trump.

* * *

Hello again, America. It’s your President – Donald trump. We need to talk about something, if you don’t mind.

It is time to discuss something really important. Well, the theme of the day – my presidency.
I know, not again raised the question of how I was elected to this most honorable position. Or if I was actually elected. And I have to answer – of course! Of course, I was elected, my dear America. After all, how the right to vote is not the basis of true democracy? Unfortunately, for reasons of national security I can’t discuss details of the elections, You know. But rest assured, I am Your President, because decent people of this great nation have given me that right. I do Your duly elected representative.Of course, when the time comes when my time comes to an end, free America will choose a new President. And that person will be placed our faith and hope. He will take care of our shared values in the name of bright future. Democracy, dear America, democracy now and forever. My dear America, just think about everything I said. Think and wait. For soon this great nation will be reborn, and Donald trump will be her salvation. Until we meet again. There was a President trump.


2 responses to “Incompetence, my dear America | Colonel Cassad

  1. Hello America, I merely pretended to support Trump for Australia’s sake, really I wanted Hillary to win for America’s sake, and told the Mahdi as much so as not to be called a cheat, we have great Social Security in Australia and don’t need the competition.


  2. The American media and the American democratic system as well as general political elite are already discreditable as a whole in intelligent minds all over the world.

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