Dugin’s Guideline – Anti-Orthodox holiday


Tomorrow is new year. Everything will blow up Chinese fireworks have already started drinking and eating salads. Don’t want to spoil anyone’s holiday, but I wouldn’t have to do anything. It is clear that people need a holiday – people need joy, people need a miracle, people need ecstatic leap beyond the ordinary, routine and everyday life. People need the sacred, we need a myth we need a miracle.

I understand perfectly and fully agree. But the new year as we are celebrating is not a holiday, but a simulacrum of the holiday. It is fake and cheap. For the ancient pre-Christian celebration of the winter solstice, the Great Yule, he does not hold. But Christmas, the real true Russian sacred and meaningful and wonderful and joyous, will be only a week. So the new year is the feeling of something Soviet. Maybe the older generation for the salad under the tree listening to the President’s speech and looking at meaningless pictures on the screen and reminisce – they say where the years went, but before…But it’s not an argument. Anything else which all become a year older, which is one year closer to death of this nostalgia can not stand. And what is the price?

But what: new year destroys the dimensional and consistent throughout advent. After Nikola Winter usually do not eat fish, not that that Olivier. No dancing, no drinking, no stupid Chinese firecrackers, nor ugly disgusting antics of the devils har all TV channels (except for our Orthodox and conservative) in the last week of Fasting is not provided. It’s a quiet time of concentrated prayer, attending Church services, preparation for communion in the ancient times most often took communion at a Christmas eve party on Christmas eve.

Russian time Russian tradition of Russian culture requires us to abandon the New year. This is incompatible with the rhythm of our sacred time. This is an attempt to shit at the end of the post began to rage in a vacuum, there is Olivier and look at something and without a decent post for a Christian to watch strictly contraindicated.

In Soviet times, when reigned over materialism and miracles, all laughed the new year were, apparently, useful. He was the profane part of the Soviet culture, the spiritual value of which is highly questionable. What kind of spirituality is it possible to speak in terms of ideology, denying the spirit? But now this rudiment is simply irrelevant. One word for the New year, it is necessary to declare war. It’s not the real new year, not a real holiday.

How to advocate against the New year? First of all you should tell all close friends about what Christmas. It is important for our faith. Should deliberately refrain from fun, entertainment and especially don’t drink and drive. It is necessary to wear dark mourning colors. To visit churches and monasteries. Fork be too lean, respectively, and maintains the internal concentration, solitude and inner composure.Should read patristic literature, and tired from the soul-saving and not very often clear to the modern person reading to go to sleep on the night of January 1, early. And the noise under the window and cries to let them be perceived as tests. You can go to the night service, they were recently part to distract people from the dark and insidious elements to be inappropriate and untimely entertainment.

It is important, by the way, in this day and all next week to remember the Russian Orthodox tradition of Christmas and Christmas eve. To the occasion this time is truly of the Nativity of Christ we must prepare. And that’s where the fun, joy, visits, breaking fast, salads, and even suckling pig is quite out of place. And out of respect for the Orthodox tradition of the TV Christmas itself is not particularly blossoms. Trying to keep up appearances – with varying degrees of success, really. But each year the effort is becoming more and more visible.

Rojdestvenski post the whole Russian Orthodox people gather strength, with the spirit, with thoughts to celebrate Christmas with dignity. And in this way the main obstacle is absurd, irrelevant, anachronistic – frankly idiotic – psevdoprazdnik new year.

Good you were watching a Directive Dugin about how harmful and dosagevalium is anti-Orthodox new year holiday.

See you all after Christmas. We wish all of you the power of the mind, will, and love. First of all to God.


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