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Turkey adjusts its middle East policy

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus made clear in one of his statements that his country may change its policy in relation to Syria and depart from the course held by Ankara since 2011, when it supported the interventions of the anti-government forces against President Bashar al-Assad. “We have no right to impose any solution of the Syrian people”, – said the Deputy head of the Turkish government.

In addition, he acknowledged that Turkey has made some serious mistakes in conducting his foreign policy in Syria, which needs to be fixed. He stressed that although his country will not take the side of President Assad, but it will take the decision of Syrians on this issue. In addition, Kurtulmus said that Turkey is ready to act as a guarantor of the decisions taken at the upcoming Syrian peace talks.

It should be noted that changed Turkish policy towards neighboring Iraq. Ankara has significantly toned down his rhetoric and restores partnership with Baghdad. In particular, it has recently been disbanded loyal Turkish troops “Held-al-Watani”, merged to become part of the Iraqi armed forces units “Hashd al-SHAABI”. In addition, it is expected to visit Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim of Iraq.

https://goo.gl/HEoD3b zinc

PS. There is a result of Iran and Russia with the Turks, so they embarked on the path of correction. Turkey was forced to recognize that the policies of the Erdogan conducted from 2011 to mid-2016 is over for Turkey complete failure that affected both the foreign policy positions of Turkey and the situation in the country. A failed coup, a new war with the Kurds and the sharp increase in terrorist attacks coupled with .economic problems have forced Erdogan to take a more pragmatic position, which is now much closer to reality than a year ago.This was facilitated by Russian military operation in Syria and military-political activity of Iran is associated with cobbling together a military coalition in support of Syria, which by 2017 year was forced to reckon all key participants in the Syrian war.

Of course, real progress in the Syrian settlement still too early to talk of a truce is observed only partially, some groups are subject to the Turks enough in the abstract, and what will be the outcome of the talks in Astana is not yet clear. But it is an obvious fact that diplomatic efforts with Turkey, waged by Moscow and Tehran, their results gave, and Turkey continue to pull away from the camp of the enemies of Assad, in which she was last year.

How long will these successes will depend on what will be the foreign policy of the USA after the entry of the trump office and define a new context of relations between the US and Russia.

In the meantime, diplomatic negotiations and give other short-term military consequences.

Two representatives of the Ministry of defense said that Russia caused “a few” air strikes in support of the Turkish military, fighting in the Syrian al-Baba. At the same time, Turkey rejected the US proposal for military support according to NBC News. TV reported that the Turkish military is trying to oust the Islamic state from al-Bab, where the struggle took a very hard character, and they are losing. The two military officials, in recent weeks, the U.S. has repeatedly offered to help, but the Turkish side was constantly rejected her.

The USA had not carried out air strikes in the area in support of Turkey, told NBC News.
Indeed, the us military recently conducted a show of force in El-Baba, but it was only in the fact that several aircraft flew over the city. No shock they did not, said the broadcaster.
The Pentagon is puzzled by Turkey’s refusal of air support, says the company. Answering the question, does Russia strikes on Islamic state in al Bab, one of the officials said “Yes”.

http://www.golos-ameriki.ru/a/turkey-us-al-bab/3663960.html zinc

Russian military aircraft (SCD) strikes on the Islamic state(organization banned in Russia) near the Syrian town of al-Bab, to support the advancing Turkish forces. 3 January the Ministry of defence of Turkey for the first time published videos of the bombing of videoconferencing in the district of al-Bab. This city is now controlled by is militants. Their population is estimated at 1.5-2 thousand people. The assault on the city for the past three weeks are controlled by Ankara, the units of the so-called Syrian moderate opposition and part of the regular Turkish army.It is clarified that the bombing of HQs was held jointly with aviation of Turkey. During these strikes killed 15 militants of the IG. First information about actions of the Russian aviation in the interests of Turkey in Syria appeared on 30 December 2016. The Turkish newspaper “Daily Sabah” referring to sources in the military of his country, said that videoconferencing strikes on ISIS in al-Bab. Later this information was confirmed by the General staff of Turkey. However, the defense Ministry of Russia has the situation not comment.

At the same time in social networks spread the message that the Russian military set up checkpoints in the Kurdish district of Sheikh Massoud, Aleppo, to watch there for the rule of law. This was the result of a compromise solution between the Syrian Kurds and the government of Bashar al-Assad on the occasion of Sheikh Masood. The area, which is inhabited mainly by the Kurds, after the evacuation of anti-government rebels from Aleppo in late December was the only outside the control of Damascus.There were reports, in particular, that the government insists on the withdrawal of the Kurdish YPG militia from the area and restore state institutions. As the deadline of the withdrawal was marked as the end of December. In the first of January in social networks there were first messages that the Russian military are setting up checkpoints in Sheikh Masood. I should add that the Turkish government has repeatedly stated that one of the purposes of conducting its military operations in Syria is to liquidate the Kurdish military forces YPG and YPJ.Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for example, in October 2016, said that after the capture of al-Bab, the Turkish army and the moderate opposition groups are going are going to storm the city of Manbij, which is controlled by Syrian Kurds allied formation.

http://rabkor.ru/columns/events/2017/01/05/russia_helps_turks_and_kurds/ zinc

The defense Ministry still does not explain the official position on this issue, but the lack of denials from December 30 probably hints at the fact that the Turks do happen, and judging by the resentment the United States, there was a certain conflict, because after the first assault on al-Baba failed, Erdogan publicly complained that the Americans do not help.Americans now all knocked to Erdogan, well, we offered, and he refused, but in fact, the activity of the US air force in the area of al-Bab in December was a minor, and Turkish air force for some reason the military tasks to be performed in full can not.In this context, military aid to the Turks gives you the opportunity to combine business with pleasure – bombed the troops of the Caliphate and indirectly help Erdogan to solve the problem in Northern Syria that is reflected both in the U.S. plans involving attempts to isolate Kurdistan from the Syrian and correction of Turkey’s foreign policy in relation to the current government of Syria.


One response to “Turkey adjusts its policy | Colonel Cassad

  1. Turkey shouldn’t go head to head with IS, Erdogan should play the peace maker and offer Caliph Baghdadi a way out, probably he won’t accept corrections, but we don’t know that for sure, if he did it would be the end of al-Qa’da and a real political settlement to end market place bombings, after all Baghdadi comes from Saddam’s Internal Security Apparatus Zahawiri comes from the street.


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