Radio War Nerd on Syria and the New Red Scare | PODCASTS

Reposting The War Nerd’s interview with writer/vet Jack Murphy about parachuting, Lindsay Lohan, transition from military to academia . . . Think-tank chickenhawks Charles Lister, Michael Weiss, Eli Lake . . . Farcical CIA “vetting” Syrian rebels, tensions between CIA and Special Forces, MENA stragegic clusterfuck . . . Propaganda as war weapon . . . Trump’s defense picks & Iran policy .

Since the 2016 Russia Panic only grew weirder and worse in the months since we recorded this show—we’re reposting this RWN episode from September on the Reagan-era panic over alleged Russian “disinformation war” subverting American democracy, a panic fed by a bestseller rightwing book “The Spike” . . . The history of The Spike and its author, Robert Moss, propagandist for CIA, Pinochet, Somoza—and what it tells us about today’s Russian Disinformation Panic . . . Also, Michael Weiss writes clandestinity . . .

Stauffenberg was Right!

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