Russia will cut the group in Syria | Colonel Cassad

In the sequel to

1. According to Putin 3 of the document on Syria.

a) the document on cease-fire throughout the Republic between the Syrian government and “opposition”.

b) a set of measures to monitor the cease-fire

C) Declaration of readiness to start peace talks on the Syrian settlement

As previously stated, in full, these documents are unlikely to end the war – rather they reflect the changed in the course of 2016, the balance among external players, first and foremost, the fall of the US role in middle Eastern Affairs and the changing policies of Turkey. How will the political part of the negotiations fairly quickly will become clear during the talks in Astana.

2. Russia will reduce its forces in Syria There is a kind of deja vu, since the first deal the US and Russia are also accompanied by a reduction of the aviation group of the Russian Federation that has led to an increase in ground troops and more dense involvement of the Russian Federation in the Syrian war. Russia as Iran remains committed to a strategy of dosed participation in the Syrian war, however, in practice, the size of groups and the involvement of the army, air force and Navy will depend not on political declarations and military-political expediency. The formation of a new Syrian army corps, with Russian aid and training of Syrian troops (which continue to be supplied with Russian weapons) reflects a common line connected to the fact that the war must first the Syrians, the role of the armed forces is providing character. Iran in the use of the IRGC and regular forces, as well adheres to this strategy. How much will be reduced grouping (de facto) it is difficult to say, as its real size (especially considering PMCs) are the subject of military secrets.

To evaluate its capabilities will be like in the ongoing winter campaign 2016-2017, and in the spring of 2017, the year when a clearer relationship with the United States.

3. The Russian foreign Ministry said that Russia is ready to normalize relations with the US, but willing to wait, while trump will form a new administration. In the media with reference to the Kissinger rumors possible Big Deal the US and Russia in the spring of 2017 and discusses the allegations that trump will cancel 70% of the Executive orders Obama It is obvious that in the Kremlin there are certain expectations associated with the adjustment of US foreign policy in Ukraine and the middle East, so we see different signs of attention to Trump and sympathetic tone of official statements from the Kremlin on the prospects of normalization of relations.


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