Dugin’s Guideline – The revolt of the Decembrists


26 Dec 1825, during the coronation of Nicholas I in the Russian Empire a group of conspirators attempted the coup. In history this was called the Decembrist revolt.

In Soviet times, the Decembrists were presented as the carriers of progress and progressive ideas, as fighters against the autocracy and the supporters of democracy, ahead of time. From the point of view of the Bolsheviks, that assessment was logical. However, the Bolsheviks were puzzled and even sorry about the fact that the Decembrists did not apply sufficient force, did not go into the terror and mass murder. In this the Communists saw their bourgeois nature and the absence of class hatred. But the overall portrait of the Decembrists were quite positive: they were martyrs of the regime, freedom fighters, friends of Pushkin.

In fact, the Decembrists were a Masonic sect, which arose on the model of European Masonic lodges, and with the same goals – the destruction of the traditional Empire, the destruction of the Christian tradition and its replacement with secular atheistic science and the Masonic cult of the Great architect of the Universe, the transfer of power from the clergy and aristocracy to the urban bourgeoisie and the shopkeepers as well as large oligarchy. Russian Decembrists had planned the murder of the king, the coming to power of the military junta, the establishment of a Republic modeled on the United States.While a secret society of the Decembrists were closely associated with the Polish Freemasons. In their General program was the destruction of the Russian Empire, all of Poland’s independence, as well as the transfer of Republican Masonic Poland, Lithuania, Podolia, Volhynia, and practically the whole of the Ukraine.

If we add all together all the main points, we will see the real bastard, demons, and satanic calling to destroy Christianity, kill the king, destroy the country, squandered his land, passing them to the same renegades as they copy Western American samples and to convert the original Orthodox Russian society a copy of the European nation-States of bourgeois-oligarchic Republican system.That is, we are dealing with criminals who sought to establish in the country a liberal dictatorship, by destroying at the root of all Russian Orthodox and autocratic, which was the essence of Russian identity in the 19th century. No one is saying that the Russian society was not problems, or that there was nothing to improve – and serfdom had to cancel, called and Slavophiles, but to kill the king, to destroy the Church and to give the Imperial territory, who do not understand the same Masonic geeks – it is not fit in any frame.

And here is a group of terrorist conspirators rises up in St. Petersburg, deceiving ordinary soldiers, assuring them that the Constitution for which they came to the square the wife of the Grand Duke Constantine and seeks to realize their hellish ideas to life. Thank God that they were promptly stopped, disarmed and arrested. Soft and dreamy Tsar Alexander the First to the last refused to believe that among the Russian nobility can be such bastards. But in 1822, after all Masonic lodges were prohibited.However, this did not stop the extremists and traitors of the sacred oath to God, King and Fatherland. And after the death of Alexander I, they are seizing the right moment, had risen in revolt. A rebellion against his people, his power, his faith and his king.

It is clear that the Bolsheviks who carried out a century later, the same thing went unlike the Decembrists to the end, shed a sea of blood seen in the Decembrists their predecessors and romanticised their image. But for the loyal Russian conservatives, for each full Russian man and 19 and 20 and 21 century, the Decembrists were pure evil, their memory cursed by their actions shameful and low. May be they were wrong, maybe they are beguiled by the devil. It happens and no one is protected from falls and sins.But the sympathy of the people, especially sufferers, cannot be a justification for the crimes, atrocities or heinous treasonous conspiracy.

And if we don’t treat the terrorist as terrorist, to the killer as to the killer, the agent of influence as an agent of influence, we run the risk that these crimes will be repeated again and again. And again, someone will rise to kill the king, to give Russian land the devil knows whom, a coup and betray your faith for the sake of strange satanic cult. Therefore, the Decembrists damn you.And even if one of you repent and change your mind, your actions, your thoughts and your words were and still are disgusting, and the memory of your part of the failed coup and the regicide is a black stain on the history of your birth, which you have disgraced.

Just expensive you watched a Directive Dugin about the Decembrists.

Of course, before I did the Bolsheviks, crimes of the Decembrists pale, seem child’s play. Only wanted to kill the king and destroy the Church. And the other killed and destroyed. And it is not going to reptiles, to repent…

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv


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