Dugin’s Guideline – Hero Andrei Karlov


Today the whole of Russia, including President Vladimir Putin said goodbye to Andrei Karlov. Our hero cowardly murdered in Ankara on 19 December this year. Putin canceled his planned press conference, to personally bid farewell to the man who gave his life for our Great Russia. The bright memory of him. He died fighting in the line of duty on the front line first great war of the continents.

The heroic death of Andrei Karlov destroys the myth that the diplomats always peaceful and protected, and that is a risk only military. A risk all. All those who defend the greatness, freedom, independence, honor and dignity of the country and the people. It is never easy. And the fact that we are a great power, what we say in Russian, and pray to their God for all this given the millions of lives of Russian people. Our greatness and our freedom is bought with a price. Every life is precious. And Andrei Karlov made this the highest value in the treasure of our history and our great country.Eternal memory among the people and in that world, filled with living souls where his soul now resides.

Now to the geopolitical analysis of this cowardly murder of an unarmed man in the back at the opening of the exhibition world and the real sincere friendship. The one who did it, as now recognized by Ankara was part of a network of Gulen Fatullah. Namely, the gülen movement was shot down Russian aircraft in the past year, putting Russia and Turkey to the brink of direct military confrontation. And on July 15, 2016 when Erdogan realized that the gülen movement simply framed and found the courage to bring Russia apology, the gülen movement attempted a coup to overthrow Erdogan himself. Sametime: all these events are closely linked – the downed plane shot Russian pilot, the coup and the murder of the Ambassador. And goals are the same and the performers are the same. It is obvious that they want the conspirators: at any price to disrupt the rapprochement between Russia and Turkey. Loggerheads the two countries, to provoke a military conflict between us. But why some Islamic sect – even radical – such a result? It is clear that the gülen movement do not act by themselves. Behind them are the globalists and representatives of the outgoing U.S. administration.New President Donald trump promised to objectively deal with those forces in the United States that supported the Islamic state and al-Qaeda is banned in Russia and other fundamentalist organisations – including the gülen sect. So in parting, the agony of the globalists leaving the White House and apparently preparing to appear before a court in America trying to deliver the final strikes to provoke a military conflict to set fire to the world. That’s what they did when Republican Bush and Democrat Obama. Was going to go on with the bloody murderer Hillary Clinton. But it didn’t work.They in despair made a last attempt. The victim of this agony of the globalists and has become our Ambassador Andrei Karlov.

Today and we normal Patriotic Turks in Turkey, and even those Americans in America who made a historic choice in favor of American, not a globalist candidate, can clearly see, what did the terrorists in Turkey and killed our Ambassador, and shot down our plane and carried out a coup. They wanted war, they wanted the Russians and the Turks began to kill each other. So if we gave in to emotions, then their task would be performed.

That is why President Putin reacted to the death of our hero Andrei Karlov, the victim of strategic partnership and friendship between Russia and Turkey, is completely different from the downed plane. Today, it is clear that Erdogan is not to blame. This murder directed against him as against him was sent to the coup of 15 July. Our enemies are beaten and the Russian and Turks. Hence the restraint and however, the determination to punish the true enemies and the perpetrators of the crime, which demonstrates Putin.

But Ankara, too, should draw conclusions. And not only technical: of course, in such situations, ambassadors, diplomats need to be protected at a different quality level. Importantly however, in the other. NATO globalist forces, and a parallel state, the Derin Devlet in Turkey it is the main threat to Turkey’s security. They stand behind and Kurdish separatism and Islamic fundamentalism, as well as behind the Gulen sect. So now it is necessary not only to unite our efforts to liberate Syria from Islamic terrorists, but also to take decisive steps to create a new Eurasian strategic Alliance between Russia, Turkey, Iran, and Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and possibly Armenia. It seems to me sometimes that Erdogan overestimates of the SCO. It’s not bad, but it is not an alternative to NATO. We need to act bolder and to create a special military-political Eurasian block. I’m not sure that China is the main and best bidder, but in SCO it plays a major role.More importantly the strategic triangle of Moscow-Ankara-Tehran. That would be a symmetrical response.

Good you were watching a Directive Dugin and geopolitical underpinnings of the vile murder of our Ambassador Andrei Karlov.

HE gave his life for a strategic Alliance Moscow-Ankara. And for friendship and peace in the middle East. If we make this Union strong and indestructible, his life will be fulfilled. Eternal memory to the hero.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv

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