Turkish ACV-15s in Syria suffer significant losses | defence.ru


Turkish ACV-15 in Syria are a significant loss

In Syria, the ACV-15 burn even better “Leopards”

Fighting in Syria has once again demonstrated that modern ground forces need to be well protected infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers. Significant losses to main battle tanks “Leopard-2A4” has overshadowed the fact that the Turkish infantry fighting vehicles ACV-15 is unable to protect their crews and troops from enemy fire.

This infantry fighting vehicle was created by the United States and other NATO countries. It weighs over 14 so She’s armed with a 25 mm cannon, with which paired 7.62-mm machine gun. Engine capacity – 300 HP Maximum speed to 65 km/h. cruising range – 490 km Crew – 3 people Troopers – up to 8 people Booking bulletproof.

On the basis of this APC, a whole family of various armored vehicles, including armored personnel carriers with 12.7 mm machine gun.

Its combat use has demonstrated vulnerability to ignition, and after ignition the car will not be restored.

So in the near future we can expect that the Turks will begin to replace the ACV-15 to a more modern and, therefore, protected bonecrest infantry.
In the network appeared more photos of damaged and destroyed armored vehicles of the Turkish militants of the terrorist organization ISIS under al-Bab in Syria
According to military experts, the Russian ground forces in anticipation of the BMP on the basis of “Armata” and “Kurgan-25” it is also necessary to take care of upgrading the existing fleet of tracked armored vehicles. Which is currently the most widespread BMP-2 do not have any protection advantages compared with a Turkish car. A big problem with security and light armored tractor MT-LB, which are used to transport infantry.

At various gun shows domestic military industry regularly shows samples of the upgraded tracked light armored vehicles, but unfortunately, it is not visible in conventional units.
In the network appeared the document in Turkish, which take into account the loss of Turkish forces in the Syrian district of al-Bab over the past days. According to him, the Turkish military has lost 10 tanks “Leopard 2″ 

Stauffenberg was Right!

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