Overview on Syria. 24.12.2016 | Colonel Cassad



Briefly on Syria.

1. Wadi Barada.

It seems decided the next enclave near Damascus, which is going to be forced to surrender. It was the enclave of Wadi Barada, located North-West of Damascus. In size it is comparable with the recently eliminated an enclave of rebels in Western ghouta, and consists of a number of settlements in the hilly terrain.

The Enclave Of Wadi Barada. December 2016.

From September 2015 it is of course greatly reduced.

Active hostilities, there have not been conducted, but now apparently he got the message, so, probably, the name of Wadi Barada in the coming we weeks we will hear a lot. The militants complain that in the last day, their positions exposed to heavy shelling. Syrian sources reported that during the fighting, taken 2 prisoners. In offensive operations, involves units of the SAA and the Lebanese from “Hezbollah”.


Fighting in the area Bassima.

2. Ties.

The battle of Team finally took positional character. The Caliphate failed to achieve their operational objectives and the battle came down to a fight over strongholds around the airbase. Due to the coming up of reserves, the situation stabilized. The base attack repulsed from all directions, threat from the South has been neutralized, the control traseu Verglas-Tias withheld, the activity of the Caliphate of Pargesa was also cropped. “Black” on December 22-23, tried to “change the flow”, began operations much to the West of Tesa in the direction Rustavskogo of the boiler, but there is also the fighting took positional character.In fact, with the loss of rate of occurrence and the ability to act free from Syrian forces in operational space, the forces of the “black” equivalent to light mechanized brigade was faced with the fact that their penetrative power is not enough to crack the defensive line of the existing SAA. In running battles, they waste people and equipment, while SAA continues through HOMS to brought up reserves to in the foreseeable future to take the initiative and chase the “black” back to Palmyra. However, while the initiative for the black and they continue their attempts to attack.

SAA in recent days, lost under Team 1 T-72, T-55 and several cars, the Caliphate lost 3 or 4 tanks (T-55), 1 IFV and a few carts. The same side lost a few dozen killed and wounded (the Caliphate notes that 16 Syrian soldiers were killed in the bombing Shahid-mobile on one of the strongholds).

In principle, the current development is quite bearable for the SAA, which had the opportunity to gradually come to himself after the destruction of Palmyra and may be preparing for revenge. You can say that the operational crisis in the area of Tiyas close to the resolution if the Caliphate will certainly not find a way to confuse the Syrian command.

Abandoned cart Caliphate under Team.

3. Al-Bab.

In the area of al-Bab was continued heavy fighting between the Turkish army and under the control of her FSA militants with the Caliphate.Despite the setbacks and the losses of recent days, the Turkish army is making serious efforts to gain a foothold on the Western outskirts of al-Baba. During the fighting of 23 December, “green” infantry under the cover of Turkish artillery and armored vehicles were able to recover some of the territory lost during the counterattack of the Caliphate on 21-22 December, which led to the fact that once again turned the battle for the hospital on the Western outskirts of the city.According to statements by Turkish sources, the Caliphate in recent fights has lost 68 people were killed and hundreds more wounded. As Turkey stated that during the unsuccessful battle on 22 December killed 16 Turkish soldiers.

Surrounding neighborhoods shelled by artillery on them and strike aircraft. On the morning of 24 December, the FSA sources said that the hospital is fully controlled and they develop the offensive in the quarter Sheikh Aguila.

A Turkish soldier was killed in combat at the hospital of al-Baba.

4. Raqqa.

The Kurds continue to push the Caliphate to the West of Raqqa. Light infantry SDF/YPG with the support of American special forces and American air force gradually approaching Rakka from the West. It is highly likely that in the coming weeks they will take a piece of territory to the North-West and West of Raqqa, and the remaining part of the Caliphate depart for the river. More ambitious plans would require pontoon bridges and the preparation of assault groups. The Caliphate openly does not cling to the territory, preferring to save my strength for fighting on the main defensive perimeter of Raqqa, just as well as he did to al-Bab.

Thus, the Kurds lost hope in connecting Rohava and Afrin, yet expand the controlled territory to the South Manuja and Kobani, and the United States to the inauguration of trump, strengthen its position in Northern Syria, creating the preconditions for the assault on Raqqa, which will take place in the spring or summer of 2017. A lot will depend on how Turkey, as Turkey has repeatedly stated that after al-Bab, wanted to have Managem and Raqqa, which creates the preconditions for the continuation of direct confrontation of the Turkish army and militants affiliated with the Kurds.

Kurds celebrate advancing to the Euphrates to the West of Raqqa.

Abu Abdel Rahman, the head of security of the province of raqqa.

In raqqa public executions continue.

Western volunteer who fought for the Kurds killed in combat with the Caliphate.

The SDF funeral of soldiers killed in the attack on Raqqa.

Children who are recruited into fighting units at Raqqa.

Of other things.

1. As expected, the military police will be deployed not only on the base Hamim and in Aleppo. Just Syria in addition to the contingent deployed is still of the order of 800-850 people, which should help the Syrians to maintain control of Aleppo and in good order. Given the fact that the city is still hiding the militants, the work will be clearly intense. Of course not excluded, and losses.

2. The last three days of the SAA probes the defense of militants West of Aleppo. Their positions are shelled, actively working the aircraft. Judging by the video from the area of fighting are used including cluster bombs. The militants are preparing for the defense at the line of Haritan – Kafr NAMRU – Rashidin 4/5 – Khan tuman. In the area of Aleppo marked the regrouping of Syrian troops in the Western and South-Eastern direction. Increased activity is observed in the terminal area of al-Safira, which is used by Russian helicopters.

The front South of Aleppo. To increase http://imgur.com/URO0gWU

3. In Damascus yesterday there were shortages of water, the rebels poisoned the water with diesel fuel. Local authorities are working on a solution.

PS. Title photo Assad’s wife at the Christmas event.

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