Deployment | Colonel Cassad


Seems to be starting to set in motion those forces which were used during the storming of Aleppo and which for some time were.

1. Syrian sources say that major forces moved  from Aleppo to the South of al-Khader (tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, artillery, vehicles and infantry) that indicates the possible activation of the front South of Aleppo (the main forces there are “Hezbollah”, “Harakat al-Nogba”, various Shiite groups and separate parts of the SAA, as well as the Iranians). SAA also issued an ultimatum to the militants in Residence with simple and clear choice – that they leave by themselves or they will get lots of help with that. You can say that they plan a large-scale operation in order to get to the highway Aleppo-HOMS on a broad front and break through the defenses of the militants on the line of al-Je-al-Carasso-Khan-Fog – Rashidin. Will this serve to ensure the safety of Aleppo, or we will see the implementation of more ambitious plans related to an advance in Idlib, we will see in the next couple of weeks. It is highly likely that before the inauguration of the trump, we will see at least one large-scale operation in the area of Aleppo. It is worth noting that in the Idlib between the “fighters for democracy in Syria” continues the internecine massacre – in the last 2 days killed 3 warlords and about 20 fighters. This is mainly due to the ongoing clashes between “Ahrar al-sham and Jund al-Aqsa”. Also were killed two commanders of the “army of Idlib”, and their headquarters were looted. In our press sin on “unknown forces”, but rather, here also was a feud. Understand why the special forces to clean up the warlords, it is unclear why to pillage behind enemy lines (well, unless you organize the bases, pitting some of the fighters on the other).

2. It is also reported that today the Syrian army after heavy artillery preparation, attacked the positions of the Caliphate in the area Kouvaris. Resources supporting the militants say that more than 50 militants were killed in these battles.
Activation under Cuvaison if it will develop leaves for the SAA the opportunity to take active steps in the direction of al-Bab, which depends more likely not from the military situation, and from political agreements between Russia, Iran and Turkey. Yet it remains unclear – to whom and on what conditions the promised al-Bab. The current problems of the Turks when storming the city support this issue afloat, because it is possible that al-Bab promised Erdogan, and he could not take. Today, the Caliphate again counterattacked the Turks along with controlled by militants was again forced to withdraw from the city.

Hospital to the West of al-Baba again came under the control of insurgents. In fact, the Turks penetrated the first defensive line to the West of al-Bab and stuck, not being able to immediately break through 2nd defense line running along the outskirts of urban areas, or to hold adjacent to the city key from a tactical point of view points.
It appears that the main problem of the Turks lies in the fact that “green” infantry traditionally “watery” against “black,” and his Turks save. The interaction of “green” infantry with Turkish armored vehicles apparently poorly organized. Let’s see how things go from the Turks, when suitable reserves. I am sure that al-Bab will be taken, just a matter of timing and the cost in human lives.

3. In the Aleppo discovered and neutralized the bomber-mobile with 2 tons of explosives. In addition to those who left town or were destroyed in Aleppo and left fanatics who will seek opportunities to attack, the benefit of the ruins of the city allows a certain time to escape using the underground utilities and the lack of control.Of course, in the future, the establishment of local authorities, the filtration activities and strengthening the work of the security authorities, reduce the risks of such attacks, however such attacks are not excluded, and the military police of the Russian Federation, which will work in Aleppo, came not to the resort.



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