Dugin’s Guidleine – The multipolar world of Donald trump


With trump world order is already irrevocably changed, and will change further. However, we understand the nature of these changes gradually and consistently. Moreover, it is important to form several stages and to pay attention to the most significant. Without waiting, when it will understand everyone else.

In fact on the us elections of 2016 there was something not experienced. Presidential candidate Donald trump has dumped the ruling elite of the prosecution that it should not the interests of America and Americans, but the interests of transnational liberal sect of globalists. Trump went under the banner of the us of America against America globalist.

And most importantly, he won, and so the American people chose the United States of America. Please note American, not a globalist. Trump just said, I am for Americanism and anti-globalism. And supported him. This means that after the final move into the President’s office trump would pursue a policy radically different from that conducted by the predecessors. And it touches the very foundations of the world order. The globalists were going to create a World Government and a unipolar world. They wanted to turn the United States into the center of global control and world policeman.

Trump abandons this line radically, and changes it to the opposite. This means that he sees the world completely different. How interesting?

A brief but very informative: tramp came to power under the banner of a multipolar world order. Multipolarity now this is the main key to the architecture of world politics. Although the term multipolarity is used today quite often, starting to deeply understand this subject, I found that the system is actually understanding of multipolarity is not. As a result, I had to develop in the first approximation the Theory of a Multipolar World. And after the US President was Donald trump this book is the Theory of a Multipolar world has acquired a special significance.If we want to imagine the world in which we will live tomorrow, I recommend this book to meet you.

What is the essence of multipolarity? That in this world there is no single center of decision-making, there is no single truth, no rules of political correctness, there is no mandatory system of values. Every civilization, every society, every great power, anyone who can assert, protect and defend their sovereignty becomes an independent pole. The world will be divided into several zones corresponding to the civilizations for a few large spaces. Great America will dominate in its natural sphere of influence to protect its national interests as it sees necessary.This is one of a large North American space.

Another large space will be the Great Eurasia. And this is another pole. China, India, Europe, the Islamic world – each of these civilizations in turn, forms a Large space. And between these poles can be as friendly and cooperative and competitive relations and even conflicts. But knowing that there may be serious friction and no one has the right to interfere in the Affairs of sovereign political entities, the rulers of a multipolar world will be forced to work together to build the architecture of a just peace. All together, given the differences of each unique civilizations.

In a multipolar world isn’t the place the totalitarian liberal ideology. Any society can choose any ideology – religious or secular, monarchist or democratic, progressive or conservative and traditionalist. Suitable Americans can be seized by the Chinese or Muslims. The winner we Russians might not like the Europeans. And the Indians will go on its way, anyone not like. If you want, but you can easily go the other way – follow somebody or imitating somebody.But in all cases the choice is not imposed by the globalist elite, and freely made by the people themselves. This quality will enrich humanity, which will open new spiritual, social and geopolitical horizons. A multipolar world is the end of the totalitarian ideologies of Modernity, the end of imperialism and colonization.

Therefore, the victory trump is the end of globalism as an ideology. And instead of it comes a subject of political history – the people. The nation as a historical cultural spiritual unity. Not coincidentally, trump was accused of populism. Populism from the word populous nation. For the globalists it is a curse because they no people are not – they are always only a minority, ethnic, social, gender. The victory of the peoples – the globalist death cult. This is what is happening today.

Good you were watching a Directive Dugin about the victory of the peoples over globalist sect and of a multipolar world.

Despite the victory of Trump the world’s globalist elite will calm down. The serpent is still alive, he will bite, to agonize and try to take revenge. But the turning point has already been reached. Welcome to the multipolar world of Donald trump.
See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv


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