Briefly on Syria | Colonel Cassad


Officer of the red army

Briefly about some points.

1. The UN Commission was unable to determine responsibility for the attack on a humanitarian convoy near Aleppo, about which the Western media hysteria a few months ago. The Commission confined itself to the suggestion that the convoy was bombed from the air and theoretically it could make airplanes Syria, Russia and the USA, but since USA, none of the accused, then it’s possible that Syria and Russia, but there is no evidence, we don’t say, but militants are not to blame, because they have no aircraft. And so on in the same spirit.The evidence was so concrete that the UN Commission was unable to clearly answer who is to blame. Overall, the story ended in nothing.

2. General Shamanov confirmed death near Palmyra major airborne Sanal Sanchirov. Major died on 8 December during the “supporting operations” (I can assume that he was adjusting air strikes and of course, was killed doing it). This is the question of the fables about the fact that Palmyra was only curfew platoon and the sappers and “all fled”. Worked there for serious people who will go to help Syrians and which was taken out of the city after the front to the North and East of the city began to crumble. As it turns out, was not without losses. Rest in peace.

3. Representatives of the “Jah-al-Fath” last night began to refute his involvement in the murder of the Ambassador, Karlov. They say that we would like, but it’s not us and setting us up. Here it is worth remembering that the persons specifically involved in the murder of the Ambassador, drawing a huge target, and fighters that can not understand, after all, still fresh in the memory episode with the murderers of the boy in Aleppo, which had cut off the baby’s head and that a few months hunted personally by identifying the killers for the photos and videos (part of lit up characters are no longer alive). The same happened with faces that are flashed on the video after killing the Russian pilot during the incident with su-24. The killers of Karlov will automatically fall under the impact of military and intelligence machinery of Russia and Turkey. That “Jah-al-Fath” denies his liability, of course it doesn’t erase it from the list of suspects, but once again indicates that for the whole story is more serious than just a fanatical loner or an abstract conglomerate of several militant groups. Turkey continues to insist that the killer was standing gulenist, the leader to which the United States refused to give Turkey. In General, the search continues.

4. After killing Karlov, Russia froze negotiations on the abolition of visas for Turkish citizens. The reason is simple – Turkey could not ensure security in its territory and to ensure that visa-free regime to Russia will not get the insurgents into Turkish territory. Erdogan threw his own country into such a shithole that there is a still long time to restore order, if at all possible. For visiting tourists, the authorities have commented on this in the spirit – no restrictions for travel in Turkey no, but use your head if you’re going to go there, you do so at your own risk.

The reasons for this approach is clear – to ensure the safety of tourists on its territory, Turkey cannot, at least not yet on its territory of the Kurdish workers Party and the Caliphate systematically carry out attacks and explosions.

5. The offensive in the area of Raqqa, which led the Kurds of SDF/YPG is developing successfully. If coming from the North from the capital of the Caliphate promotion has long decayed, West of the city, the Kurds took a bite from the “black” is a serious piece of territory to the East of the Euphrates. Part of the forces of the Caliphate moved to Raqqa, part of al-Baba. Serious defensive lines have “black” was not here, it is reported that in the fighting for the territory the Caliphate lost about 30 people, that is less than 1 person in a populated point, which was released more than 50 (mostly small towns).“Black” yesterday has taken one counterattack, repulsed the Kurds a few towns West of Raqqa, but the large dividends it has not brought. It is possible to predict that the Kurds, with U.S. support, will continue from West to Raqqa, while not bristling at the main defensive perimeter of the city, after which the promotion will slow down before entering the battle the larger forces, additional forces and armored vehicles U.S. special forces.

6. The assault on al-Baba is very slow. The Turks continue to expand the control zone to the West and East of the city, but the al-Bab almost completely for the Caliphate. The main fighting in the hospital area to the West of al-Bab on the outskirts of the southern neighborhoods. “Black” have strong resistance

and actively use suicide bombers, resulted in the deaths of not only FSA fighters, but Turkish soldiers. Judging by the accented towards Tatafu, the Turks are not averse to circumvent al-Bab to the South, with the aim of complete encirclement of the city, but yet overcome the resistance of “black” can’t.Such slowness is more likely caused by the fact that the Turks are cautious and do not want to suffer losses in men and materiel, which are inevitable if the Turkish side will act as a battering RAM instead of the FSA militants, the shock strength which is much smaller than the units of the Turkish army (under the al-Bab division deployed two armored brigades and a battalion of spetsnaz, not counting the different parts of amplification). In General, the storming of the al-Baba confirms that the assault of large settlements occupied by the Caliphate that still torment.

7. In the area of Tiyas the front stabilized around the base and now there are positional battles, in which SAA attempts to solve the problem by ousting the militants directly from the base. The situation is complicated by bad weather and frosts that seriously annoying the infantry on both sides, which is forced to operate in the bare desert fighting for obscure reference points. “Black” is trying to carry out attacks in the direction of the base, but success is not achieve. The initiative is apparently gradually slipping away from their hands.

PS. Title photo Erdogan meets with bloggers from Aleppo.



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