Bayık: Karlov’s killer might be from the “Ottoman Hearths”

KCK Executive Council Co-chair made striking analyses regarding the assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov in his column titled “The ambassador’s killer is a Tayyip Erdoğan fan” published yesterday in Yeni Özgür Politika newspaper’s Kurdish pages.

Cemil Bayık pointed out that the AKP government issued a media blackout to form perceptions and wrote: “Mere minutes after the murder, they said ‘This murder was committed by Fethullahists, this murder is a provocation to damage the developing good relations between Turkey and Russia’. The special war determined this official view, then made everybody speak in that line. The partisan press has brazenly repeated the same song. Many others are asking who committed this act, and who’s behind it, looking for a concrete state, organization and person. And that in itself becomes a way to cover up the truth.”


Bayık underlined that this political murder was a result of ideological and political efforts and added: “We don’t know if this policeman has a relationship with any fanatical fundamentalist sectarian organization. It is slim, but there is a chance that he might be affiliated with a fundamentalist organization. But this murder should be handled in the framework of the ideological and the political atmosphere that has been created. (…) In Turkey, a generation that is politically intolerant towards different faiths and identities has been created in the person of Tayyip Erdoğan and AKP through years. They have called this the creation of a religious and vindictive youth. Tayyip Erdoğan constantly points a finger to Europe or foreign powers. The notion that ‘Turkey is Muslim, so Europe is unjust towards Turkey and the Middle East because they are Muslim’ has been voiced countless times. He has created a social perception that is vengeful and angry at Christians, Europe and foreign countries by saying Europe or unnamed foreign powers support the PKK. As a result of this policy and discourse, many people who could have committed this murder have been created. It’s highly possible that this policeman is a great fan of Erdoğan. This police man must have chanted the slogan ‘Stand tall we are with you’ many times. The photographs in the media shows this reality. If this reality isn’t seen, this political murder and the ideological and political atmosphere that created it cannot be understood.”


Bayık underlined that Erdoğan and the AKP government had created most of the tragedy in Syria and they diverted blame towards other forces by modifying societal perception even though they are one of the most active parties and supporters in the war that tore Aleppo to the ground and elaborated: “AKP’s Syria policies have turned Russia into a target. And the fundamentalist policeman has committed this murder, taking on a historic mission in the name of Islam. His speech during the murder and his stance openly show that this is the mindset of the murderer. Erdoğan and the AKP spend more efforts on fundamentalist religious and nationalist work, more than ISIS and Al Nusra, and they create such personalities. Erdoğan’s discourse and politics is a fertile incubator for this type of personalities to emerge. This murder has been created by Erdoğan’s and AKP’s policies and discourse. Not looking at the incident from this perspective is denying the reality in Turkey. Instead of saying such and such organization made him do it and the goal was such and such, one needs to look at the policies of the AKP government and the discourse they utilize. Everybody knows what the policemen who are shaped among these policies and this narrative wrote on the walls in Cizre, Sur and other places.”


KCK Executive Council Co-chair stated that Russia saying this murder is “a provocation by those who wish to damage Turkey-Russia relations” is turning a blind eye to reality and continued: “Maybe Russia is hanging on to this argument knowingly to bring Turkey to a position where it can be better utilized.”


Cemil Bayık predicted that nothing will come out of the joint inquiry on the assassination by Russia and Turkey and wrote: “Because the Fethullahists or another organization isn’t behind this murder. What brought this murder is AKP’s fundamentalist and sectarian policies and discourse that villify the international powers.”


Bayık also touched on Al Nusra (now Fatah Al Sham Front) claiming the assassination and wrote: “If there is an organization to be found for this murderer, it could be the Ottoman Hearths, which could have been called Erdoğan Fans. The youth profile Erdoğan is proud of is this. This is the youth that says ‘Say the word and we die for you’ to Erdoğan. This is the response to Erdoğan praising what a high degree martyrdom is every day. As such, the murderer committed this act to become a martyr as Erdoğan says. Fatah Al Sham Front claiming this murder is undoubtedly geared towards distorting this fact.”


KCK Co-chair pointed out that the HDP expressed the actual truth in this matter by saying “the training policy for the police should be reconsidered” and called on Russia that has decided to take the assassination to the UN: “In our opinion, Russia should put on the agenda at the UN the fact that the fundamentalist, sectarian and nationalist social structure created by AKP and Erdoğan through their policies and discourse has become a danger for all of humanity.”


Bayık emphasized that the AKP government and Erdoğan play a fundamental role in the emergence of people who hate different countries and societies not just in Turkey but in all of the Middle East and ended the article with: “This position and role of the AKP and Erdoğan must be questioned. This or that organization or a mission to disrupt Turkish-Russian relationships should not be sought behind this murder. What is needed is an approach that says the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes, that this murder was created by the policies and discourse of the AKP government and their fascist chief.”


Source: Firat News Agency

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