The Debaltsevsky direction | Colonel Cassad


By 21 December, the situation on the Debaltsevsky direction is stabilized. The enemy was not able to make significant progress in the direction of Logvinovo and Kalinovka, moving away from most of the occupied territory after the losses incurred. At the moment, the fights are positional, that is typical for episodic escalations, which, after several days of activity gradually fade and return the situation to standard for the war in the Donbass 2015-2016. BCH are trying through superior artillery fire to dislodge the enemy from remaining under his control positions, then to take their infantry and to restore the status quo existing before the advent of the APU.

If the task consisted in the organization of the message to certain circles in the West, or cover some of the processes in Ukraine, from the point of view of losses, the operation was too expensive, hysteria in the Ukraine over a large number of dead and wounded is still ongoing.

From the field report:

Anna Dolgareva:
“at Night, fixed on the taken positions. While the lull.
In the comments asked about “the Hobgoblin”, well, it Nebrat as heroically captured and returned.
Lull, but the operation is continued. Believe in our.
The positions captured by the APU 18 Dec.
Dummy busy sun LC. The star and the Cross left the main power and APU are controlled by the God of this war, that is, artillery LC.
Now again begins the batch.”

* * *
Dead Vsushniki. 18+.
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APU during attempts to break through the encirclement of the militia in Debaltsevo, lost in killed 40 people and five dozen were injured, said the official representative of militia major Andrey Marochko.

Ukrainian media reported about the hundreds killed under debaltseve, however, the Ukrainian military command said six of the dead and at least two dozen wounded soldiers. According to the representative of the security forces LC Andrey Marochko, APU hide losses, as the Republic is known about ” 40 dead and over 50 wounded Ukrainian soldiers from the 54th brigade and the 11th battalion of the 59th brigade “Kievan Rus”. – zinc

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