The fights in the Debaltsevsky direction. 19 Dec 2016 | Colonel Cassad



About the situation on the Debaltsevsky direction.

Attack of the 54th brigade of the armed forces special dividends to the junta had brought. To acquire key positions in the area Logvinova and Kalinovka they are unable, when it suffered quite heavy losses, which for 3 days of occurrence exceeded a hundred, becoming one of the largest in recent months. Junta propaganda of course denies it, pretending that she is defending on the arc Svetlodarsk, as part of the DNI and LC “with the support of the Russian army” are offensive towards Svetlodarsk

There is a fun a diversity of opinions, since on the one hand they tell how to “beat off the attack of a separable”, and on the other hand broadcast, “pressed a piece of Ukrainian land and they are hard to keep” LC have a much more sanity – to repel the attacks of the enemy and go into contattaci to regain a piece of territory in the area lost the “green stuff”. From our inadequate, the ongoing stories about the drunken radicals, which are attacked without orders – Minsk tale for naive people.

As is evident from the losses and testimonies coming from the area of the fighting, attacked 54-brigade and units of the 25th brigade. Second Ukrainian lie is connected with the question of casualties, the junta desperately tries to hide the real size of the losses on the arc Svetlodarsk posing and extremely low data on the losses of the 54th brigade, talking about the “dozens of Russian soldiers” who were killed in the fighting. Without loss of the armies of the republics certainly not done – there are 200 e and 300 e (formally 2 killed, 3 wounded in LC and the 2nd is still missing. But APU has suffered so significant losses that the information leaking to the press of the Ukrainian volunteers, easily disproves the official lies. In fact, the enemy carried out intensive reconnaissance, which ended very badly for him. Now it’s time to hide the failure by implementing the various outreach activities.

Sergei Petrov, a soldier NM LC, talks about the operational environment:

“Are at the forefront since yesterday, for us there is shelling from the Ukrainian army. All night, for yesterday, somewhere hours with three days until this morning, hours to 5, to 6 lay down the heavy artillery: 120 mortars. In short, we are active shelling, small arms, approaching us at a distance about 400-500 metres, firing with AGS. Still there is a fight, drove machinery. They are fighting with equipment: Armored personnel carriers, BMP-2, BMP-1. Together with the infantry we were trying to repel the attack of the infantry when the enemy offensive, they moved a little closer, I saw their “hundred” fighters “Right sector”, the Ukrainian army.

Two hundred lie still, take them can’t, they side at the entrance to the “green stuff” on our old position, that is about 25 meters at the entrance to the “green” are their bodies. They still lie there, because being the fire: they are beating by our artillery and his own, to each other there, is unclear. They work on BMP-2, BMP-1. Is there somewhere within the company was from yesterday. At the onset they tried to take us in the environment, for some reason. But they didn’t work. We were forced to retreat, because our lozhili artillery. That’s all.”

NB! Apparently this is the “green stuff”, about which the resources of the junta yesterday rejoiced that “captured separ forest.” The assault team, in fact, involved “green” where they were caught in the crossfire.

The second fighter NM LNR Vladimir Gutowski also spoke about what is happening on the front Svetlodarsk arc:

“Yesterday the enemy attempted a breakthrough. Thanks to the resilience of our guys, they were rejected on pre-equipped for their positions. Also they do not adhere to the Minsk agreements and we are exposed to mortar and artillery fire, with small arms working almost constantly. Now the situation: keep your positions. The shelling continues. Guys hold position. Work with the APU mortars and artillery, but the situation is stable, we, of course, they do not miss. Also we hear from small arms work — there is a battle”. zinc

by Marina Kharkova:

to “ward off stole”, were involved in conventional and rocket artillery. Loss of APU Logvinova: 15 — 200’s, 4 in captivity. About 30 of the 300’s only. BMP — 2, BTR — 1 PCs, T-64 x 1, Ural — 2 units Now report about the terrible fighting in Svetlodarsk ledge. Around midnight, were involved in conventional and rocket artillery, Grads, self-propelled guns, armored vehicles. This allows to represent the intensity of the fighting and losses. Sangarovskaya height tonight literally washed in the blood.

The situation on the arc svetlodarsk during the day, sharpened a few times. Today in the morning and afternoon — in the form of shelling by the APU on our positions and the number of attacks using armor, and now in the evening in the form of artillery strikes, which can be heard to residents of Uglegorsk, Debaltsevo, Yenakiyevo and neighboring towns. Judging by the involved forces and means, the situation is extremely serious, and the battles are fierce. The enemy, whose attacks and the attacks had wavy character, tried to break to Uglegorsk and consolidate on the outskirts of the city near the village of Markov Yar.In the suppression of enemy attacks actively participated units nm LC, Enakievo garrison infantry brigade of the DNI.

In Donetsk hospitals ready to receive the wounded coming from svetlodarsk direction.
Village Aleksandrovka, obeying the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, punitive APU fire regularly and ruthlessly against the civilians. Ukrainian fighters engaged the village fire from mortars and guns from two sides: from the West and from the South. Mines of calibre of 82 and 120 mm, as it was not just for last week, began to burst near the checkpoint Oleksandrivka, among the cottages and surrounding residential development. Soon the village of Aleksandrovka again came under artillery and mortar fire.In the village of bursting mines was damaged a private house on Gorky street. Residents of Alexandrovka noticed that the Ukrainian side now more often opened fire on roads leading to the checkpoint, and toward the village. Everyone who is going for this week’s ride or walk in these ways, the villagers are advised to be careful and cautious, since the Ukrainian military, prestresses can open fire on the communication at any time of the day, especially when there may be people and vehicles.

* * *

According to the statement of Butler, in a failed attempt to advance in the direction Debaltseve APU lost more than 100 people

Clowns from the OSCE counted in the area of fighting more than 2,900 artillery explosions.

From Ukrainian certificates:

Absurd!!!! The Kingdom of crooked mirrors!!!
Right now the news on channel ICTV…
In passing, literally 20-30 seconds mournful tone about 5 dead on the arc Svetlodarsk and the full story, for a few minutes about the privatization of Private, the tragedy in Aleppo, the market of drugs, and a Christmas tree!!! Private will still be dedicated to the program “Freedom of speech”!!!!
People!!!! Wake up!!!!!!!!!!! 19-five killed in just one battle we have!!!! backyard!!!! 19 people whose sons, brothers, husbands, fathers!!!!
About 5 policemen dead week was buzzing all channels! Surnames!!!!
And now 19 people dead only!!!! Impersonal, in passing…
but how are we better then Raska!!!!????
Oh, sorry, today is St. Nicholas day! Why spoil the new year mood!? And they died defending their Homeland, not Power!!! Of course, a significant difference!!!
PS: Guys, sorry!!!! You and Your family do not deserve that!!! For You and thousands like You who died selflessly for the Motherland, we still WIN, even in spite of the powers that be!!! Honor and eternal memory!!!

* * *

Helgi @Helgi__UA 23 year 23 years that
Waiting for the second part marlizonskogo ballet. Ready. Hello! We will win!

Helgi @Helgi__UA
@GlennARathn our height,dug,pulled the reserve, BK, etc. and Podrobnosti GSH will tell you today(most interesting)))

Helgi @Helgi__UA 12 year.12 Godin
Read and don’t ask how it’s going.Losses grow. @Price_Cap_UA worthy Hippo you have raised a slut,be proud on

* * *

* * *

* * *

A soldier of the battalion “Kyivska Rus” under Debaltsevo killed. This little “Kievan Rus” in the winter of 2015, can fight, she successfully continues the utilization of the personnel on the debaltsevsky direction.

Etc. the link is still

In short, the enemy pursuing enhanced reconnaissance, continues trying to turn the territory in the height 220 (a disputed territory as you can understand is about 1 square kilometer), which led to losses in parts of the 54th brigade. The main losses of the parties are from artillery fire. During the fighting, actively used LNG AGS, 82-mm and 120-mm mortars, 122-152mm guns, different armor.Serious reserves side in the battle is not entered, the batch continues on a limited sector of the front with metered usage of the available forces, with emphasis on the use of a wide range of fire weapons. So far, all it looks like another local peaking, which will have serious operational consequences.


The fights on the debaltsevsky direction. 19.12.2016


Briefly on debaltseve.

1. As mentioned yesterday, the failure of yesterday’s attacks APU (attacked part of the 54th brigade), the junta has traditionally tried to be attributed to the fact that it is not the APU attacked, and the military of the people’s republics. Losses were recognized only partially, the fact of occurrence was denied. The junta in its turn accused the army of the DNI and the LC in that they attacked the position of the 54th brigade forces and two company-tactical groups. However, today the activity from the APU continued.

2. As yesterday, the main activity shows the enemy in the direction of Kalinovka and Logvinova, trying to turn neutral, under cover of artillery fire. The attack is fairly limited forces, the main emphasis is on suppression of weapon emplacements of the Republican military, which should in theory provide opportunities for the 54th brigade to advance on Debaltsevo direction forces assault teams. The close interaction between the attacking groups with artillery indicates the implementation of a particular plan associated with local intensification of the front on the arc Svetlodarsk.In active operations the enemy will employ up to battalion level infantry and light armored vehicles.

3. Like yesterday, the major successes of the enemy could not achieve, losing another 15-20 men killed and wounded. 2 days of fighting, the enemy apparently lost at least 60-70 people (200-bit and 300-mi). The loss of the Republican military is not completely clear (yesterday officially stated 2 wounded and 2 missing).At 6 p.m. major achievements, the APU was not, and without entering into the serious business of mechanized reserves, it is unlikely that the enemy here will be able to achieve meaningful operational results, the more that the armies of the DNI and the LC can always take countermeasures associated with the more active actions of the opponent. Information on the movement of the sector reserves to Svetlodarsk yet been received. It is worth remembering that active movement of mechanized units APU through to Logvinovo debaltseve can be docked as a flanking activity in the area of Uglegorsk.and more ambitious actions related to blow through Popasnaya to the route Donetsk-debaltseve, which forces the command of the sector and the armed forces General staff to hold part of their reserves in the near Artemivsk, in order not to miss the kick Popasnaya Artemovsk.

4. On the Minsk points associated with divorce heavy weapons and guns with a caliber exceeding 100 mm of course, no one pays attention. The exchange of prisoners as usual disrupted. However, as the Minsk agreement and in 2016-m to year are not met, that already almost do not remember, except what duty complaints to the OSCE. Hand used almost all the available range of weapons, except heavy MLRS.

5. Among the motives of the enemy, in addition to the local tactical objectives to engage neytralke indicate attempts to divert Ukrainian society from the nationalization of “Privat-Bank”, trying to play the card of “Russian aggression” under the consideration of the extension of the European sanctions, and the vote of electors for trump, verification of defence of the DNI and LC in the area of Debaltsevo in case of more ambitious plans associated with the return of debaltseve during the winter campaign 2016-2017.
UPD: update on the plans of the enemy. 54 brigade tried to solve the problem by controlling the height of 220 for the adjustment of artillery and occupation of the adjacent territory. In 2015, the year hold this height facilitates breakthrough out of the encirclement Debaltsevskoy groups of residues.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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