Dugin’s Guideline: President Donald Trump


Another phase of the inspiring journey of President-elect Donald trump in the White house passed. Electors officially voted as it should have been. But in the current situation, and it can be considered a sensation.

The election of a President trump is unfolding before our eyes the myth. There are forces of evil. It is the liberals and the globalists. They is a bloody old woman, Hillary, a kind of Chebeleu or Baba Yaga. Opponents called these forces Swamp and offer it to drain.

The swamp strikes back, and evil bloody witch who created the monsters of DAESH relying on no less an extremist organization of a maniac and conspirator George Soros, constantly conjures: “the smell of Russian spirit”. But the red-haired hero Donald trump, Builder of vertical towers and defensive walls, leads to monsters-the globalists, liberals, multinational monopolies, transgender networks and the fed’s uncompromising fight.

Now on the agenda of the task is to reach the White house. The election is won, but the gang of Soros tried to get in USA purple revolution. Electoral votes cast, but a Swamp won’t slow down. All legal methods in order to stop trump, exhausted. Nothing stops – not a campaign against fake news, apparently Hillary wanted the results of the elections were declared fake news concocted by Russian hackers, analysts, “Los Angeles times” or nonconformists from “Infowars”. But again not passed.And winter witch while until Christmas there’s still some time and the forces of evil ease, and have no choice but to kill Donald trump. Otherwise in the spring it can burn as an outdated doll.

In the following month, the US drama will continue. The forces of evil suffered a huge defeat. Although it all depends now on the distribution of audience preferences. The liberals and the globalists around the world clearly empathize with the losing side. If anything happens to Trump, they’ll be happy. That’s right: Trump has revealed the Manichean dualism of modern civilization. It actually has two camps – supporters of the Swamp world, the globalists, the last representatives of a totalitarian ideology of Modernity, extremist liberalism, and … everything else. All the others are going gradually under the banner of Vladimir Putin and Donald trump. All the others really want the draining of Swamps, eliminating liberal globalist elites and a completely new course – this time both conservative and free.

So some want the Trump to die, the others life. It is important that no one particular from trump is not waiting. Trump is just a chance, a chance for all of us. That’s a promise 4 years the opportunity to deal with the pressing problems, not to fight desperately from the endless demonic intrusions and network attacks liberal Swamp that seeks to expand society, religion, culture and civilization. So we really want to trump entered the White house, he would have been in it and I would take care of American problems. Will he make America great again, or it will not work, it is, in fact, not our business.Let him try, and if we succeed, we will be happy. But not the main thing – the main thing is not to miss this historic time, which gives humanity a tramp, promising to deal with raking the Augean stables and the elimination of those crimes which he had done globalist liberal gang.

4 years will pass very quickly, rapidly, fly. Therefore, we have: Russians, the Europeans, the peoples of the East in General there is no time to lose. Trump does not promise us a good life, he just gives us the signal that all those who are accustomed with open mouth look at the USA, waiting for instructions and financial trenches – close your mouth, turn your head and look around – the country, the people and the society where you live. You will see and learn a lot. And the shutters of the White house January 2017 will be tightly sealed. The office is closed.

We have 4 years to dramatically, rapidly strengthen our country and our society. This time anyone not looking and not trying to please anyone. In the eyes lose the sense of tactics preserve the facade of liberalism. And this applies not only to “Echo” and other egregious hotbeds of extremist liberalism, but the economic sector of the Government or politicians with a liberal flavor in the Administration. They are just more for anything not needed.

All the best, have you watched “Directive Dugin” on the triumphal procession, and the threat of Donald trump at the White house.

Trump is a window of opportunity. And it never slammed shut. But now we are going to be held accountable. Outward no one to blame. Next year, I hope, will be the year of Donald trump.

See the archive transmission – http://tsargrad.tv


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