Fighting for Tiyas. 19.12.2016 | Colonel Cassad

C0BlmvhWEAApkf6.jpg large.jpg

By December 19 the situation at Tiyas continued to improve for the SAA. Defeating attacks from almost all directions, the SAA was able to maintain communication leading to the base by working around Caliphate from the South-West. Bringing up reserves has not only allowed the SAA to hold the main defensive perimeter of the base, but also to expand the control zone to the North and East of Tiyas. Busy in the series of hills to the North-East of the airbase, the SAA managed to move along the highway Palmyra-Tiyas.
South of the base, the SAA was able to establish complete control over the crossroads to the South-West of the base and push the enemy back from the road in the al-Sharifa. In this respect, despite the panic which took place during the battle for Palmyra and serious demoralization of the personnel in the area of Tiyas the Syrians were able to hang back and not to allow the Caliphate to build on the success, waiting for reinforcements, which allowed to stabilize the situation.

The Caliphate however continues their attempt to achieve victory at Tiyas, although the last 2 days they lasted rather by inertia. They attempted but failed to advance to the crossroads of Furqlas-Tiyas from the North. The problem for the Caliphate is that their advance coming to a stop is likely to lead to the loss of operational initiatives to the SAA due to the bringing up of reserves which can if necessary quickly move on the road Tiyas-Palmyra, where the “black” in fact have no defensive positions up to the city. Overall, this development allows a fairly optimistic view on the prospects of SAA in the East HOMS, while is still early to say that the crisis is fully overcome .

Snow and a temperature drop in the area of Tiyas seriously hampers the conduct of hostilities on both sides. Many soldiers simply run out of winter clothing, so it’s no surprise people are wrapped in a variety of rugs and blankets on the position in the bare desert, where the night is really cold.

Halifatchiki in the area of Tias. And where is Granny? I’m for it.

PS2. And a separate news of a General nature. In the SAA began the largest since 1973 mobilization is planned in a short time seriously increase the number of the SAA. This immediately implies that reservists and recruits, will be used for the protection of liberated territories and the secondary sectors of the front, and released after this division, which already have experience in conducting active combat operations, will be used in upcoming operations. Overall, quite a logical measure.



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