Fighting for Tiyas. 15.12.2016 | Colonel Cassad


Briefly about the situation at Tiyas.

In the last hours the army has extended the control zone to the North and North-East of Tiyas, having beaten the Caliphate a number of previously lost positions. We can say that the situation is stabilizing, although the threat from the South still remains.
Black actively shelled positions of the army and trying to break through the defense using suicide car bombers. Yesterday, it is however special dividends has not brought. However, efforts continue to surround the base, and in addition to movement from the South, the Caliphate defense overtures to the West of the base near the city of Farges

If you look at a map of the offensive “black”, reflecting their fundamental objective, then it is easy to see how the area to the West of the airbase, which the Caliphate tries to get to block the road leading to Tiyas, and attempts to smack on this track much West of Tiyas. The command of the Caliphate clearly understands the value of communication and in this case, seeks primarily to disruption of the supply lines of the Syrian army.Given the fact that around the base a continuous desert, and the Syrians have quite a limited number, then the continuous front, there is essentially no carts and armored vehicles can run for a considerable distance, threatening to the West of Tiyas, instead of stupidly to break head-on at strengthening.

It is clear that the group in the area of Tiyas requires strengthening to reflect such threats. Overnight another 200 fighters “Hezbollah” pushed into Tiyas, which is encouraging, as the Lebanese are very strong infantry, which when necessary, is able to abut, during the fighting in Rampage have experienced assault troops “Al-Nusra” and “Ahrar al-sham”. Also Sidorenko reported that the position of the SAA in the area of Tiasa out of 20 people emerged from the environment near Palmyra.
In General, I would suggest – if in the next 2-3 days, the Caliphate will not be able to achieve the ceiling slopes to the West of Tiyas, then gradually due to the appropriate reserves, the SAA will reflect the advance of the Caliphate and then will restore the lost positions. However, the view that “black” can be taken in the coming days, the initiative is with them.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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