Al-Bab and Raqqa | Colonel Cassad

In General, we can say that the relationship of Turkey with the activities of the Russian military coalition in Syria is quite obvious, and while Erdogan is fulfilling its obligations (that he was not talking in public), he will continue to be our companion in the Syrian war. However, given the changeable nature of Erdogan and the vacillation of traditional Turkish foreign policy, the ear with it should be kept open.

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Fighting for Tiyas. 17.12.2016 | Colonel Cassad

Despite the challenging operating environment and the operational initiative, which still holds the Caliphate for themselves, not to mention that in the last days the success of “black” were local in nature and SAA managed to link the main forces of the Caliphate to the West of the Palmyra defensive battles and a number of powerful attacks of the Caliphate was confident enough reflected by the Syrians. On the move to Palmyra it is too early to speak – it is necessary to strengthen the defenses of the base and keep control of the route to provide operations on the marginalization of “black” from the al-Sherpa and junction to the South-West of the base. Overall, the situation is unstable and to stabilize much remains to be done.

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Missing residents | Colonel Cassad

On November 30, the “local activists” said that in the militant-controlled areas of Aleppo are 300,000 civilians. After the complete liberation of the Eastern neighborhoods and check out everyone in Idlib from 1 to 16 December, it became clear that in the liberated territories was 152 000 civilians (both those who stayed and those who left with the rebels). 148 000 were dissolved in the fog of the propaganda war.
You can certainly make allowances for the fact that the victims in the fighting were civilians and some percentage may still be hiding in basements, but it is clear that in the interests of propaganda, the population of the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo had been overstated by almost 2 times, as the liberation of the city fairly quickly appeared when vacated areas, the army found where there is less people than there should be according to the statements of militants and the Western media.

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Report on Aleppo from the Main operations Directorate of the Russian Federation | Colonel Cassad

Briefing the chief of the Main operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Lieutenant General Rudskoy dedicated to final figures which ended operations in Aleppo.

Just came from Aleppo to Idlib – 9560 people (4435 militants, including 337 wounded, and 5125 of civilians).

Laid down their arms and surrendered to the Syrian army militants 3406 (3056 pardoned)

From the territory controlled by the militants voluntarily resigned 108 000 civilians

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