The Russian base near Palmyra | Colonel Cassad


These are pictures from the Russian base near Palmyra, which was abandoned during the retreat to Tiyas.

Judging by the plates, starred in a hurry.

Part boepripasov and weapons apparently managed to undermine before departure.

Video from the overrun base.

In principle, nothing super critical, although small arms and ammunition to the militants helped a lot.

PS. Syrian sources say that in Eastern HOMS have appeared the “Tiger” division, who are moving to the front line of Tesa and al-Qaryatayn.

The Caliphate continued to press but the defense base holds today repulsed several attacks from different directions. The Syrians of course now there is hard, but the situation requires them to be kept in reserve that will allow to stabilize the situation.

Defense from the North and East and rests until the militants can’t break in, which inspires certain optimism. On the other hand, the most dangerous roundabout from the South, which creates a threat to the operational environment group, SAA in the area of Tias. You should pay attention that the enemy during the entire operation intelligently maneuvering, strays to cover open flanks of the CAA and creating the threat of kommunikaciyam, and forcing Syrians to otoplenie.
Judging by the video that base is still being used for its intended purpose it fly airplanes (in the video of the su-24 there at the end of the Russian attack helicopter), which suggests that the constant firing control over its territory the militants could not be established.

Halifatchiki in the area of Tias.

Broken reference point in the area of Tias.

Left position on the oil field Gazal.

Mi-35 in the area of Tias. 12 Dec.

Fighting in the area of Tiyas.



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