The battle for the air base Tiyas. 13.12.2016 | Colonel Cassad


Briefly about the battle for the air base Tiyas.

By 13 December, after the loss of Palmyra and of the retreat of the main forces SAA to Tiyas, the main problems in the East of HOMS province revolves around the airbase Tiyas.

Yesterday, during the day the Caliphate made several attacks on the airbase and was able to capture a few strongholds to the North of the airbase, but with the support of the Syrian aircraft and Russian helicopters, the Syrian infantry was able to repel the attack and hold the base. Today, the fighting continued, while in addition to the direct threats associated with attacks on the airbase, the enemy passes the airbase from the South, seeking to cut the communication between TECOM and al-Karathanos, taking the intersection to the South-West of Tiyasa. At 14 o’clock in the afternoon, fighting continued in the area of this intersection (the Caliphate claims that seized it, the Syrian sources have not confirmed). At the same time, there is activity of militants East of al-Qaryatayn.

SAA it is important to keep the air base, and to prevent a workaround of militants South of Tesa, for taking the crossroads between TECOM and al-Keratinom, the Caliphate will be able to create two threats – on the one hand a possible strike to the South-West to capture of al-Qaryatayn and Machina (which this year has twice passed from hand to hand), and on the other hand, it is possible to throw across the desert to the road leading to Ties that will lead to the fact that all departed from the Palmyra group is under threat operational environment.The role of aviation and attack helicopters in the relief of this threat will be very large, as restricting the activity of the enemy systematic shock, aircraft buying time for reinforcements that strengthen the Northern flank, to provide communications to the West of the air base and reinforce the front in the area of Tiyas.

The overall situation was unstable and about overcoming operational crisis is not necessary to speak, but the fact that the Caliphate yesterday, couldn’t swoop to take the airbase, allows us to hope that the inertia of the promotion of “black” will in the coming days to repay. Judging by incoming reports, the SAA strive to ensure the safety of the road leading to Tiyas. About any immediate countermeasures in order to return to Palmyra the question now of course is not.

Getting ATGM into Syrian T-55.

Photos from the airbase. 12 Dec.

The fighting near the airbase. 12 Dec.

Regarding the comparison of losses in Palmyra and Mosul, the Caliphate has released reports about the loss of the American coalition in Mosul and Syrian forces in Palmyra.

In Mosul, according to the version of the Caliphate from 6 to 12 December, were destroyed and damaged 8 tanks, 53 armored fighting vehicles, BMP 24, 9 bronenalladin and 4 UAVs. 8 armored combat vehicles and 1 BMP are taken as trophies. Killed 630 soldiers of the coalition, 20 captured.

In the PAL version of the Caliphate from the 8th to the 12th of December, was the destroyed, damaged and captured in the form of trophies – 44 tanks, BMP 7, 7 guns, 14 different trucks and vehicles. 352 killed soldier of the Syrian army, 22 captured.

Of course, you should make allowances for the fact that, in the interests of propaganda, the Caliphate increases the already rather big losses of their opponents.

It is worth noting that the emerging detailed description of the circumstances of the loss of Palmyra (in Arabic, it is possible to make use of the technical translation – there are a lot of interesting details, it would be good if someone translated it for the literary Russian), indicate that warnings from the Russian satellite intelligence that the threat to Palmyra, growing all did.


The fall of Palmyra and the … details:

– Destroy 8 a.m. Saturday 10 – 12 – 2016
alerts and frequent changes of the satellites of the Russian edited the ISIS attack wide on the perimeter of the city destroyed, please take care ..
there’s no flight to deal with these hordes not countenance of shy aviation is busy hitting targets in the oil fields of his around ..

– destroy 10 am :
The point of silos and its surroundings.. away from the destruction of 15 km towards east on the road to Sokhna was the angel she is and points you around of gear elements asbo with me, the shield of military security with a branch of Al Badia with all the Allow of his ( Thunderbolt zanoubia and the heart of Syria and Sheikh Suleiman ) was amended shareholder about 1800 element, the band 11 with the opportunity to 18 have 6 schools the caliber 130 6 schools 122 rocket launchers, the Grad B M 21 Number 7 tank number 12 … plus Corps fatimids 1,200 with hardware and support horrifying …. About 150 members of the tiger download hip point of the silos of the south side. … ‘s an angel point of silos is a terrifying army in number and equipment.
Get back with you to follow events ..through our presence on the observatory mountaintop parties, we noticed two cars with a tank on a public road from the direction Sokhna Abe at a distance of 7 km from the point silos … flight available around the beat them was to destroy the throne of the two and the rest of the tank bombs follow their progress towards the point of the silos (( tank bomb load of no less than ten tons of explosive severe explosion, which means the destruction around a perimeter of 400 m )) .. the tank was approaching more from the point of the silo base concourse in silos in the possession of the section 18 does not deal with it we don’t know the reasons yet ..She could tank bombs to approach the points at a distance of 200 m After that was detonated by the rum launcher a t b c i blew up the tank and caused a massive explosion to the transfer of the silos of destroyed what I paid and stayed injured new strike thing from the hole the force of the explosion and the Dubai panic psychic elements odoo to evacuate their points of silos and its surroundings, after the explosion, calm Master of the situation no armed attack point, nor anything because the ultimate goal of the attack is to mount the hoop ..

Forces began to evacuate all the points surrounding silos along the line of cheese without a little reason for this breakdown is the rapid jump, but the speed of the retreat of the Corps fatimids impact on the souls of our fighters when they saw this huge number with the hardware says the withdrawal is not to the city of Palmyra themselves to the outside of it and then the band 18 with the gear and followed them all the forces of the shield of military security … opportunity 11 the retreat to the outskirts of the city of destruction and not to the outside.

Did not stay in the eastern sector of the southern flow of forces, the colonel suhail with the protector of the airport destroyed from the air and their number was about 100 items .. forces Colonel suhail brought the spread formation defensive line temporary for the city of Palmyra from the East and. South

– destroy 11 am Mount of the parties :
the car, on the Mount of the parties means the fall of the destroy and cut off roads. the attack began after the explosion of the bomb in silos ..
ISIS is considered an attack on the booby and engage directly with the troops to avoid the strikes fly.

Mount of the parties which is the point the most dangerous and most important intervention and it was to protect the author from the 500 component of the forces of the tiger before the fall destroy to the period of leave half of their service due to the delay of salaries for five months … the mosques on the Mount of the parties the point for a band 18 around a mountain top of antar ..

He began to attack him to four four-wheel drive vehicles the archery intensive for him to make the tank toward the points we besides sands of the capacitor by the ISIS schools of the caliber 130 mortar 120 mortar 82 schools tractor gas .. there’s nothing in the points and his mountain parties any base m.D to assess the hostile tanks there are two tanks distributed between the points of Mount hoop they shoot on hostile tanks but rum tank ISIS had sustained their injuries more accurate and they hit adipate plus cannon 23 cannon 14 didn’t keep points of the mountain the parties is the strength of the enemy tanks entered the dots became clahses face-to-face to enable our fighters destroyed two tanks and accompanied by problems …

Stood the fighters Mount of the Parties to repel the attack despite all our losses .. ended the attack about 5 p.m. the loss of some of the points ansab team with 18 points by the garrison to mount the box to outside the city of destruction towards the tiv.
strengths of the tiger, mostly wounded and the martyrs, prisoners and yet we hold back the remaining ..

for everyone who asks about flying .. flying can’t work in this conditions of the stomach it was limited his role on the hit supply lines to the background of Isis ..

– destroy 5 pm :
The Russians blow up the ammunition depots the Law of their flow prior to it making clear the city of Palmyra as the scene of fireworks, which caused panic among the civilians and the forces existing in the city and their impact was to evacuate the city as a whole,

– destroy 6 pm :
City free of civilian and military personnel except for those who saw them with the eye. detachment of State Security and the police .. the head of a branch of Al Badia and his officers walking around with his fancy car and his armoured Cadillac to prove to him upper he did not withdraw with his forces with science to amend the rules of the desert with a shield of military security around 2,500 component of the whole getting out of town, and no having them with us for the school benefits from the destruction .. plus band 11 tank stayed within the city without the spread of for …
After contact us and clarify things for them and the points we need to state can’t withstand more application of the tiger’s resilience and confidence and support is coming in a few minutes .

… The shield of military security and his 18 elephants, the fatimid and the desert did not keep them only those luxury cars that wandering by the President of the branch Badia, Major General shaukat about 10 items and pickup a machine gun escort to defend them ..

– Destroy 10 pm :
didn’t come with any support points of the air and things on the case.

– destroy 12 pm :
came to some most of the Legion fatimid amend shareholder about 100 items and the band 18 about 70 element .. the band 11 never left and for their perseverance and their courage, they did with us promoting points of the company in Dubai the two on the road to Sokhna, their number was about 40 an item ..

– Destroy 1 a.m. :
the advent of the car bomb by Sokhna she could access to transfer the band 11 and it erupted all reasoned they damaged the tank and some of the martyrs and the wounded .. withstood the men of the band 11, despite everything that’s happened and forget the shampoo plus for the arrival of some reinforcements from the forces of the tiger of about 60 element who covered the Al-amiria neighborhood anticipation and understatement, which was empty since the morning …
we have left the warehouse segment le by the tenderness didn’t come users enough to deploy it.

– destroy 3 am :
A call from the high command to check on us and thanked us and clarify the situation, this is characterized by our master the tiger call for fighting on the ground and does not take the Word of officials and lied to them …
But the warehouse sector 410 free and the key to this goal is in non-embedded but we don’t have enough strength to cover him,

– ruin 9 am :
the attack began in parallel on the Mount of the parties inspired al who delivered to him a total of USD bottomed during the night and wore just the dress of the army said they suddenly swooped on the hill of Al-oasting them and began to support access to them through the warehouse 410 ….Sitting on a hill al can drive the light killed anyone who moves within the destroy ..

Mount of the parties :
Four tanks hostile plus for 3 pickup machine-gun fire, they swooped in suddenly to our discussion and elements of our discussion basically brutalized by the cold and hunger did not get any use during all this period, not false promises,
fell the protector Mount of the parties after a large number of martyrs and wounded and prisoners between the elements of our …

– destroy 11 am :
Hill al with the militants are targeting anything that moves within the destroy ..
Mount of the Parties with the militants .. destroy encircled him and plopped his motorcycle by them …
the rest of our forces off the south side. the flow Altos between the point of the triangle obit.

– destroy 1 pm after the fall :
The retreat of all the forces in all its formations to the junction of haiyan . Except for about 200 members of the tiger remained with us two tanks with two machine guns 14 In addition to the policies of responsible luxury who mentioned them before showing to him that they exist but, unfortunately, without their troops . Placed us between the shafts, triangles ..

destroy 2 pm :
Collar our carts ISIS from all directions plus control their motorcycle on the road of asphalt that leads to the shafts and no longer can we quit .. and we thank God that the officials and their luxury was with us, forcing officials to communicate with the command and gave Alina 6 hovercrafts mi-28 to accompany the anchana to the shafts and cover the right our left and our motorcycle … during all of those events were to agree with me all of the activists, publicists brother iyad Hussein brother Omar derma for conditions who accompanied us atat each period last for the real things …
the details that we have lived on earth and so fell the city of Palmyra and her obit has ……

@Omar Deir Mama
Eyad Alhosain

Tiyas Military Airbase

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tiyas Military Airbase
Roundel of the Syrian Air Force.svg
IATA: noneICAO: none
Airport type Military
Owner Syrian Armed Forces
Operator Syrian Arab Air Force
Location Tiyas, Homs Governorate
In use Present
Coordinates 34°31′21″N 37°37′47″ECoordinates: 34°31′21″N 37°37′47″E

Tiyas Military Airbase is located in Syria

Tiyas Military Airbase
Tiyas Military Airbase

Location in Syria

Direction Length Surface
ft m
00/00 10,520 3,206.496 Concrete

The Tiyas Military Airbase, also known as the T-4 Airbase is a Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) base located in the Homs Governorate, north of Tiyas, and west of the ancient city of Palmyra, Syria.

The Tiyas Military Airbase is the largest airbase in Syria.[1]



During the 1970s and 1980s, the Soviet Union was given access to the Tiyas Air Base for the periodical deployment of naval aircraft.

Civil war

The airbase was used by the Syrian Arab Air Force for airstrikes against opposition forces during the Syrian Civil War.

In December 2016, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) attacked the airbase a day after overrunning pro-government forces in nearby Palmyra. ISIL claimed to have destroyed four Syrian military aircraft during their attack on the airbase.[2]


1 Squadron MiG-25PD/PU/RB
5 Squadron MiG-25PD/PU/RB
819 Squadron Su-24MK
827 Squadron Su-22M-4

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