“The Stop Arming Terrorists Act” | Tulsi Gabbard

“This madness must end. We must stop arming terrorists. The Government must end this hypocrisy and abide by the same laws that apply to its’ citizens.

“That is why I’ve introduced the Stop Arming Terrorists bill—legislation based on congressional action during the Iran-Contra affair to stop the CIA’s illegal arming of rebels in Nicaragua. It will prohibit any Federal agency from using taxpayer dollars to provide weapons, cash, intelligence, or any support to al-Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorist groups, and it will prohibit the government from funneling money and weapons through other countries who are directly or indirectly supporting terrorists,” concluded Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

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Russian Special Forces join Syrian Arab Army in Battle for Palmyra oil fields. | SOFREP

Through sources on the ground, Syrian media out of Damascus is reporting that Russian Special Forces are playing a key role in destroying the latest ISIS offensive. Russian SOF have purportedly been actively engaging with ISIS opposition and directing Russian flown attack helicopters as well as warplanes via target designation in the Al-Amiriyah district to include the northwest mountain range of Jabal Tar as well as the Palmyra oil and gas refineries in the east. It is unclear whether the Russian Special Forces were already based at the Et Tifor airbase on the outskirts of the city or accompanied the tribal faction of the Syrian Arab Army(SAA) known as the ‘Qalamoun Shield’ out of Damascus. Elements of the SAA’s 11th and 18th Division along with the National Defense Force(NDF) and the ‘Shaheen Group’ or ‘Tiger Forces’ will join with the Qalamoun Shield to drive the some 4,000 Islamic State fighters out of the oil rich region of Palmyra and back into the desert. But where did ISIS gather such a force from?

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Getting rid of Kerry | Colonel Cassad

He is known for active measures with the Russian company “Rosneft” according to some, direct negotiations between Tillerson and Russian President Vladimir Putin facilitated the conclusion of agreements on the implementation of several major projects (in particular, drilling in the Russian Arctic shelf). He was awarded the Russian order of Friendship.

Tillerson does not consider sanctions against Moscow an efficient tool and supports the reduction of the role of restrictive measures in American foreign policy. Tillerson’s candidacy should be approved by the Senate. The assurances of the lawmakers, although the process will not be easy — many of them are concerned about “ties with Russia.”

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The Aleppo Information front | Colonel Cassad

As a whole, amid the end of the battle for Aleppo in its military dimension, the information battle is still in full swing and the West cannot come to terms with what happened, is still openly supporting terrorist organizations, seeking to present the case so that Syria, Russia and Iran won not because he hacked the defense of militants repelled all counterattacks and cleared the town in heavy fighting, but because they bombed hospitals and killed children. In this respect it is highly interesting to compare the flow of information propaganda and anti-Assad Syrian resources.

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The battle for the air base Tiyas. 13.12.2016 | Colonel Cassad

Yesterday, during the day the Caliphate made several attacks on the airbase and was able to capture a few strongholds to the North of the airbase, but with the support of the Syrian aircraft and Russian helicopters, the Syrian infantry was able to repel the attack and hold the base. Today, the fighting continued, while in addition to the direct threats associated with attacks on the airbase, the enemy passes the airbase from the South, seeking to cut the communication between TECOM and al-Karathanos, taking the intersection to the South-West of Tiyasa. At 14 o’clock in the afternoon, fighting continued in the area of this intersection (the Caliphate claims that seized it, the Syrian sources have not confirmed). At the same time, there is activity of militants East of al-Qaryatayn.

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The Russian Moment | Mark Citadel

The establishment of a natural geopolitical phenomena, a Moscow-Berlin-Paris axis based on sovereignty, identity, realist continentalism, and Traditional Christian values (I say ‘Traditional’ to distinguish these from bourgeois pseudo-Christianity) would provide Russia with its necessary security, but more importantly could be achieved without the evils of occupation and without the threat of nuclear war.

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