The battle for the air base Tiyas | Colonel Cassad


Cze3Bx3W8AAxRYF.jpg large.jpg

Palmyra apparently is not limited. Towards evening, the Caliphate seized part of the strong points around T4 airbase-Ties and began a direct assault on the base. This confirms a previous request for control of the intersection Jawhar. It is reported that on the territory of the base with artillery fire destroyed 3 aircraft (probably unsuitable for takeoff), on the outskirts of the base, heavy fighting was underway.

From the East still hold fighters, but from the North front a few bends, after the loss of the hill to the North of the base. From the South as the Caliphate occupied a number of strongholds and through the desert trying to move to the crossroads South-West of Tiasa.

If the SAA does not hold Ties, then there is a direct threat al-Karatina and Colossus, So good, the Syrians have firmly abut, or the consequences of defeat at Palmyra, only one typeface will not be limited and will involve more serious operational consequences.

Syrian infantry in the area of Tiyas.

The Caliphate also continues to upload photos captured near Palmyra trophies.



Stauffenberg was Right!

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