The Assault On Aleppo. 12.12.2016 | Colonel Cassad



Amid the destruction of Palmyra, the rebound of the boiler in Aleppo has somewhat faded into the background, but nevertheless the process of liberation of Aleppo is nearing completion. Strategically the position of the militants there have already been hopeless and no success of the militants in other parts of the front of course could not save the boiler remaining deep in the rear of the Syrian forces.After the bulk of the civilians left the pot on the humanitarian corridor and the part of the militants laid down their arms, SAA as promised in the defense Ministry, went on the offensive and in the last two days freed from the militants a half of the boiler. Organized resistance, the enemy no longer has, it is about the suppression of pockets of resistance where fanatics refuse to accept reality and they need this reality to strike. The output of civil easier to rebound, as necessary, such pockets of resistance are crushed by artillery and aviation.In fact, the question of the release of the remaining blocks should be solved this week and Assad will be able to celebrate their biggest win since 2011.

At the moment released more than 95% of the city, several thousand militants laid down their arms (about 800 of them in recent days), the army took as trophies the mass of small arms, mortars, ZU-NIS, an improvised, etc. Technology special, as it is almost all knocked out in previous fights. The boiler for the day came more than 13 000 civil.

I would like to mention the inadequacy of the statements about the fact that the attack of the Caliphate at Palmyra was taken to delay the troops of al-Assad at Aleppo and to save the militants “An-Nusra” and the FSA in Aleppo. In fact, in southern Syria or al-Bab, the Caliphate and successfully kills a lot of colleagues those who are surrounded in Aleppo (about this review of the battle of al-Bab). For “black”, these are the same enemies as Assad and the Kurds. In the case of the employment of the best troops of Assad at Aleppo, the Caliphate did not want to pull away from near Aleppo Syrian troops themselves, but rather took advantage of their employment at Aleppo.In this respect, the fighting between the SAA and militants in Aleppo, of course beneficial to the Caliphate, but not because they have common interests with “An-Nusra”, and because the Caliphate is a war his enemies among themselves. Militants “al-Qaeda” they can cut off the head with no less enthusiasm than a prisoner Syrian soldiers.

When the fighting in Aleppo ends, Syria and the Russian Federation will determine where to direct the next blow, which can be directed against the “green” and “black”. From the point of view of strategy then of course more preferable strike on Idlib, in order to strike at the heart of the “green” and to crush organized resistance to the rebels. On the other hand, a heavy image blow at Palmyra, will push to re-capture, in order to preserve the opportunity to undertake the following spring leap to Deir-ez-Zor.There is a variant with a March on Raqqa, but judging by the ordeal of the Kurds and Americans to the North from the capital of the Caliphate, this is the least preferred option.

The prisoners the militants “An-Nusra”.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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