Incompetence | Colonel Cassad


Regarding the statements of the CIA on the Russian roots of victory trump, even if you take it seriously, it turns out that the CIA is painted as completely incompetent, and the FBI, NSA and other intelligence agencies are a complete failure, who would like to deal with foreign influence and to ensure “free and fair elections”.. And in the case of the FBI and all you can suspect the Director of Komi that “Russia acted it with their hands.”

It can be expected that when trump, American intelligence expect major changes, both organizational and political nature and not by chance, the environment trump reminded that such conclusions about “Russia’s role” to take people who once talked about “weapons of mass destruction” of Saddam Hussein.The causes of the degradation of the analytical centers of American intelligence a few years ago revealed during demarches CIA analysts and state Department officials are pointing to the fact that the authorities under Bush was more interested in getting the “politically necessary results,” even in cases when political necessity was at odds with an objective assessment of events or trends.Under Obama, this problem has only worsened, resulting in a late “Epiphany” Obama on the topic that “we shouldn’t have invaded Libya”, “in Iraq, something went wrong and we accidentally created ISIS”.
Intelligence in all these cases was not subordinate to the NAT and short-term political conditions. And if hypothetically assume the existence of “Russian trace”, we can say that this has become possible just due to degradation processes in the American intelligence services. So in the end, the CIA would be better if the “Russian trace” was not, otherwise, it is necessary to carry out specific cleaning.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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