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Briefly about the assault on Aleppo.

1. During December 6, the militants left the old city and some quarters in the North-Eastern part of the boiler is reduced. Sand the area North from the Citadel and an eye clinic, the SAA took the offensive South of the Citadel, throwing militants further South. Resistance fighters is of a disorganized nature, unified system of defense no longer exists as a result of the losses, the surrender of insurgents and demoralization of the personnel, the collapse of organized resistance – in fact, the army overcomes patchy resistance and so easily takes significant chunks of the city. Active use of armored vehicles in street battles and the lack of serious casualties in tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, reflect a General tendency towards exhaustion of the defensive capabilities of the fighters – not enough anti-tank and other anti-tank weapons. On the background of Mosul, where the Iraqi army is suffering catastrophic losses in the street fighting is stark contrast. In fact, resistance is now being built around groups of fanatics of “Al-Nusra” and “Noureddine EN Since” who refuse to give up band of local fighters and the FSA troops greatly demoralized.

2. In the liberated areas are filtration and clearance events. Begin work on establishing supply residents and ensure access to medical care. It is expected that the Syrian security forces in Aleppo may appear and military police from Russia, part of which will arrive in Syria in the near future. Army after Stripping the occupied blocks, quickly pass on, pass control to the militias and security forces, followed by further exploration of the positions of the militants, if necessary, request artillerys and air support, after which the assault team begin to seep through holes in the front of the militants that they simply have nothing to hold. As a result, all blocks lost per night, during the day, added the Mahdi, the Saliheen and Bab al-Nayrab in the East of the boiler and 2 block South from the Citadel. In fact, the last days the militants have steadily lost 5-7 blocks a day.The result is more than clearly reflected on the map. The boiler is rapidly reduced in size and apparently before the New Year he will not live.

3. The West in terms of diplomatic leverage over the situation in Aleppo demonstrates the remarkable impotence, unable to save the fighters. The media however, there is a grim reflection on the theme of what is happening in Aleppo.

For those who still does not understand what Russia is doing in Syria and the implications for the system of international relations.

Der Spiegel: What tactics Moscow and Ankara was elected to the Syrian conflict

A year ago, Russia and Turkey almost was on the verge of war, but now all indicates a weakening of tensions: Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim will visit Moscow. In the Syrian conflict, Ankara can not do without the Kremlin.

The political course of Turkey in Syria has reached an impasse. The head of state Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to hide this fact behind big words: last week the President said that his army invaded Syria to “end the reign of the tyrant Assad.” Two days later, was marked by angry headlines of the Russian mass media and a telephone conversation with President Vladimir Putin, erdoğan is suddenly talking differently: according to its latest statement, the Turkish operation “Shield of the Euphrates” was directed only against terrorist organizations and not against the state or individual personality. The overthrow of Assad’s speech is not going. This incident is only the latest evidence of the shift of influence in the Syrian conflict: the beginning of Russian military intervention in the war in Syria more than a year ago, Moscow prevailed over Ankara.At present the Syrian regime with the help of Russian recaptures Aleppo. Every day, state television in Russia shows pictures of destroyed cities and notes that “a major military success.” The Turkish army never attempted to assist the rebels surrounded Eastern part of the city, while Ankara considers the area a zone of Turkish influence. The insignificant look sounding at the same time from the mouth of Erdogan’s words about the intention to overthrow the Syrian dictator. zinc

Foreign Policy: Russia threatens to destroy all who still remained in Eastern Aleppo

Against the background of how government forces continue to recapture the rebel-held territory inside the city of Aleppo during the bloody battles for every street, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday: “If someone refuses to leave Aleppo in kind, will be destroyed… There is no other way”.


Russia and Syria seem determined to put the elected President of Donald trump in Syria with a fait accompli, before a fait accompli: they are going to capture Aleppo, one of the last major cities in the hands of the rebels. During his election campaign, trump offered to give Russia the opportunity to lead the fight against “Islamic state”, and then even offered to cooperate with Moscow in the fight against terrorist groups in Syria.This would mean dropping support for moderate rebels fighting against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, as well as support by the civilian population located in areas which become targets for the Russian and Syrian attacks.


Also on Monday, the official representative of State Department mark Toner said that American diplomats are still open for work with Russian colleagues, however, reaching agreement is difficult. Russia, in his words, “very concerned” by the presence in Aleppo affiliated with “al-Qaeda” group “Front EN-Nusra”, whileWashington is showing concern about the daily bombing of the civilian population of the town together with the “moderate Syrian opposition, which should not be — she deserves it — with bombs to force into submission”. zinc

The Washington Post: the Triumph of the West came to an end — 25 years

And it was so for ten years, as the community of democratic countries expanded — first, at the expense of countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet colonies. USA has been so dominant a position that, when, on December 31, 1999, they lost control of one of the world’s most valuable geo-strategic objects — Panama canal — no one even noticed.
This era is over. The arena is back and gaining weight authoritarian States, democracy is protected, the US losing out. For example not far to seek — look at Aleppo. The West supported the resistance of the local tyrant (and his support dial forces Russia expanding Iran and a lot of the puppet Shiite armed groups) is on the verge of collapse — it is in any can be suppressed. Russia bombed, and America makes statements.

Nothing symbolizes the end of a tumultuous and heady historical triumph of liberal democracy. The West closed in on itself and goes back home, defeated under the onslaught of the rising tide of authoritarian States — Russia, China and Iran. In France, the recently nominated conservative party candidate in presidents on the current fashion conservative, adhere to populist views and tolerant of Vladimir Putin. Yes, and some of the young democratic countries of Eastern Europe — Hungary, Bulgaria and even Poland — yourself demonstrate authoritarian tendencies.
And at a time when Europe is beginning to tire of the sanctions imposed against Russia for its violent actions against Ukraine, the much-touted “isolation” of Russia, organized by President Obama, ignominiously fading away, as our Secretary of state again and again humbly goes to Russia to beg for mercy in Syria. zinc

– Reuters: the Fall of Aleppo will be a victory of the Kremlin, with the defeat of the White house

Lose based on US support of Syrian rebels in the battle for the East of Aleppo, where they are opposed by Russian-backed troops, would mean failure of the efforts of President Barack Obama to bring on middle East democracy and fight terrorism, came to the conclusion by U.S. officials. Their gloomy statement reflects the expectation that the latter held by the representatives of the moderate armed opposition to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad area of the city will soon come under the control of the Syrian army. She’s helping Moscow, Tehran, the Shiite militia from Iraq and Lebanon and others.“The fall of Eastern Aleppo would do for US obvious that supporting the moderate opposition with just one hopes to form a future government of Syria, no hope shall not be”, — said a former senior U.S. intelligence analyst Paul pillar.

Such a defeat will reduce the influence of the elected President of Donald trump on the course of the almost six-year-old Syrian civil war, which had an enormous influence on global policy.The escalation of the conflict will continue, coupled with the violence, the extremism will increase, the refugee flows will increase, and regional conflict to grow, say American officials. The defeat of the moderate rebels would be a major victory for Assad, which would have returned control of the main cities and the overwhelming majority of countries, including the Mediterranean coast. In addition, it would be for the President of Russia Vladimir Putin the proof that he is able to protect longtime ally of Moscow’s military power. The Kremlin intervened in the conflict in September 2015, leaving the battle aircraft, long-range artillery, seconding to the Syrian army military advisers and providing other support.

On Monday, Moscow announced that it would begin negotiations with Washington on the withdrawal of the rebels of Eastern Aleppo. American officials say the White house is likely to agree because it means saving lives.
“Who won? Putin, the Iranians and Assad. Who lost? We. And Jordan (where the CIA trained and armed moderate rebels). The Saudis and the Gulf States”— told Reuters one of the officials of the American administration, which preferred to remain unknown.


However, the most visible defeat of America is Syria. A number of American officials in conversations lamented the unwillingness of Obama to more forcefully intervene in the local war, which has claimed more than 500 lives, left homeless millions of people and spawned a major crisis with refugees in postwar Europe. The Obama administration has provided some support to the moderate Syrian rebels, butit was not enough to achieve the declared goal of Washington is to force Assad and his Russian and Iranian allies to begin negotiations on the formation of a national unity government, officials say.
The defeat of the “moderates” in Syria would also emphasize the return of Moscow lost with the Soviet collapse in 1991, its status as a large regional player.“In the end, the Russians are not interested in ending the war,” said one of the representatives of the us administration, speaking about the efforts of Washington to seek a diplomatic consensus with Moscow. “They need to win”. zinc

Le Figaro: Aleppo and Mosul: Two sieges.

In the battle for Aleppo it should be noted one interesting thing.Since 2013, major Western media is not as trusted by the rebels to send him to his reporters, but continue to take it in good faith and without the slightest check to put any of the information they transmit, although they clearly are interested in how to make myself look innocent and to denigrate opponents. The fact that the old black-and-white view of the situation in five years and has not changed: in Aleppo, we are still dealing with the tyrant Bashar al-Assad, who kills its own citizens for fun. The siege of Aleppo, of course, the brutal, and the number of civilian casualties is estimated at 300 people in the last two weeks. At the same time, we see a completely different picture of the Iraqi army, which seeks to regain control over Mosul. There are “good” forwards and “bad guys” are rebels. In terms of casualties among residents, the numbers are roughly equal: it is about 600 casualties since the beginning of the battle for Mosul. Of course, the fanatics of ISIS, that is, the worst does not happen. No one on that account doubts. IG generals systematically use the car bomb as rockets land-the land, sending death on hundreds of teenagers brainwashed.

In the siege of Aleppo, the Western media sided with the rebels, and the siege of Mosul — attackers. But this is not a big deal. The fact that the influence of major international media on the geopolitical realities have become extremely weak, they have no power to change the strategic balance, as it was before, during the conflicts in Kosovo, Iraq and Libya.
But who stands to benefit most, in strategic terms, when Aleppo and Mosul fall? First of all, Iran. Next, Russia. Western strategists have seriously underestimated the determination of these two Eastern powers. Tehran has strengthened the Shiite axis, and Moscow has secured access to the Mediterranean sea. Then it should be noted the Kurds, who, despite a series of setbacks, wins on all fronts. USA also not called losers because they did DIS my new number one enemy. Unlike Turkey, whose policy of his neo-Ottoman vision was shattered, and the Europeans who have almost alone to bear the burden of refugees. – zinc

And so on in the same spirit. And somewhere in Germany in about what is happening crying Jihadi-Julian is such a hard collision of fantasy with reality, neither he nor his “colleagues” did not expect.

On the background of the collapse of the defense of fighters in the Central districts of Aleppo, came another sad news.

During the shelling of the Syrian city of Aleppo killed a Russian Colonel Ruslan Galitsky.

“Died in hospital as a result of the severely wounded Colonel Ruslan Galitsky. Russian military doctors within a few days fought for his life. Onfizer were injured during shelling by militants of the so-called “opposition” of one of the residential neighborhoods in Western part of Aleppo”, — said the defense Ministry. Galitsky performed the task in Syria is part of a group of Russian military advisors.
It is noted that he was posthumously nominated for the state award. Earlier in the shelling of a hospital in Aleppo killed two nurses from Russia. – zinc

As it became known “Baikal-Daily”, recently died in Syria Colonel Ruslan Galitsky, commander of the 5th guards tank brigade, stationed in the Divisional station in Ulan-Ude. Galicia received a severe wound in Syria and spent several days in the hospital, but to save him failed. The news about the tragedy the team came in last.
As explained by the “Baikal-Daily” soldiers, about which the mission was sent Ruslan Galitsky, many did not know. This became known only after the death of the commander.
Note, the fifth tank brigade is constantly in a state of exercise. They are mostly in Kyakhta held including together with Mongolian troops.
Now in a tank brigade to collect financial aid for the families of Galician.
– How much rent is voluntary. The details of his death we are not told not to demoralize. Just reported that he died in the hospital. It seems to say that the commander can imagine that even the title “Hero of Russia”, – told the military. Recall that on 5 December, the militants of the so-called “Syrian moderate opposition” shelled the Russian mobile hospital in Aleppo. Two women died-the physician. According to the latest data, the losses of Russian troops in Syria, make up more than 20 people. About Colonel Ruslan Galicia it is known that he transferred to Ulan-Ude not so long ago.First served in the Moscow military district, and in February 2016, was awarded by the Governor of the Rostov region “For military service”. Then, as follows from the decree, the Colonel held the position of chief of operations for the military units of the southern military district 64722. – zinc

has Previously been noted, during the storming of Aleppo used units of Special Operations Forces, besides the already long existing in the front-line units of the military advisers, air controllers, spotters and other professionals. In the victories of the Syrians there is a significant contribution of these people who don’t particularly advertise his work, but whose work is reflected on maps of the Syrian war. Unfortunately, no losses.

Rest in peace.


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