How not to fight | Colonel Cassad



Briefly the episode in Mosul.

The story is simple – division of the army special forces and Shiite militia, tried to move in the South-Eastern neighborhoods of Mosul, reached the hospital and Sal took it. There is something waiting for them. Mechanized convoy attacked by suicide bomber-mobiles, four of them got to the positions of the Iraqis and exploded, after which the infantry of the Caliphate launched an attack. Survivors of the bombings which destroyed part of the equipment, settled in the hospital building and called air support. Flew American planes and dropped bombs on the territory of the hospital, where he was defended by the Iraqis.This is not the first case of its kind – during the assault on Ramadi was also the scene when the Iraqis went on the attack, began to push “black”, but came under your airstrike, resulting in lost several dozen people and their positions. On the one hand, the usual “friendly fire”, on the other hand, within a few years of war could learn to avoid.

As a consequence, lost invaded and destroyed by the Caliphate from 15 to 20 units of vehicles (Humvee, APC, brauneberger) and from 90 to 250 killed, wounded and prisoners. The consolidated remains of the assault team retreated back to the outskirts of the city.

Such stories should be taught how not to storm the city. They also demonstrate why there are huge numbers of losses of the coalition, which publishes the Caliphate. According to the “black” that do not include the above-mentioned episode, from November 29 to December 5, the coalition forces during the assault on Mosul as a result lost 25 attacks, bombings and related acts:

Personnel (Iraqis and Peshmerga) – 580 dead
Tanks – 9 pieces
of armored combat vehicles (BMP, MRAP, Humvee, etc.) and carts – 103 pieces
Bronhopulmonary – 6 pieces
of the UAV – 2 pieces
Also, the Caliphate took some ACV and a decent Cove in ammunition.

For the last week of November, the numbers were slightly smaller, but the order was about the same. The propaganda of the Caliphate now revels in Peremoga, telling how “Allah has punished the crusaders.”

Picture defeat below, recalled the new year’s storm of Grozny.

Survivors fleeing from the hospital.

In General, I would say banality, but those who continue to underestimate the Caliphate, then very bitterly pay for it.
The Iraqis can only wish for more hard to learn from their mistakes.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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