Directive Dugin: the Meanings of history

Talk about the history.

In our society it is widely believed that history is a knowledge of the facts of the past. It is not only inaccurate, but completely wrong definition. It’s not about knowledge, not about facts not in the past. Generally the case in the other.

Man lives in time. And the person lives in the thinking process. Thought and time are closely linked, inextricably intertwined with each other. Thought and time are inseparable. All logical thinking and all thinking is necessarily constructed along the – axis from beginning to end, from sending to signing. Therefore, any reasoning, any thinking is a little story, where there is a tie, process and resolution, the final result. And most importantly, have meaning. Thinking can not be meaningless.

So here’s the story – and the history of civilization, religion, country, nation or individual is, above all, meanings. Not the facts, not the past, not knowing exactly the meaning. If we know some fact, the meaning of which is absolutely incomprehensible to us, is not the slightest relationship to history. The story begins where it begins to make sense. Ultimately, every story – both real and imaginary, is the history of thought, is itself thought, it is evidence of human existence. After all, man’s existence historically – to the extent, of course, in which it is meaningful.

The past is only part of the story. We need it as a premise, as a beginning, as the givenness of the basic parameters, such as predefined vector. Last starts thinking. Moreover, the past becomes history only if we understand its meaning. The past is meaningless, all for nothing don’t need is nothing. But understanding the past is necessary not in itself, but in order to think right in the present. Moreover, the past should be recognized that the present and the future also makes sense.Being in the world without a past, without a beginning, without a source, we won’t know neither who we are nor where we go. We simply will not be meaningless irrational quantum presence and not man.

But when the past makes sense, then we know: we the people, we culture, we are civilization, we are the Church, we state. Historical past explains to us ourselves. Thanks to him, we gain a complete being – historical existence. And this being in the present. If we know who we are, we know what to do, where to go, and most importantly – how to be. Because “be” is more important than to do or to go. But for a person “to be” is not the same as “to be” for the animal or stone. People can’t be, not thinking, not thinking about being. Therefore, the very Genesis of our historical.

And if so, then the history includes the present. History is today. But today has meaning only if there is yesterday. Syllogism can be solved only by knowing the parcel. In this we solve the syllogism we think, but support for this is the beginning – our roots, our identity.

Finally, the history includes the future. The future is created in the present based on past. In the past given vector, in the present it is extended or stops, and sometimes moves sideways, straying off course – it all depends on what it is now. Whether it’s real or it’s fake, fake. The story is about the future – her goal that you set in the past. Therefore, the future also need historical. There we will receive a resolution, the conclusion, the result: whether we were doing there Lee was, and most importantly – were we really, or do we only it seemed…

The story is all three modalities of time – past, present and future in an inseparable semantic unity. Therefore, a future also has its own history and written it not only when the future will come and will turn into the past – history of the future written now, but its main meanings was written in the past, when it all began: people, culture, country, Church. When we started out. Based on this prophecy, of foresight, and in the end strong-willed projects and plans. It is history of the future, and it is no less important than the history of the present or the past. All are inseparable connected.Tout se tient. All three time. Only together they have a history.

All the best, have you watched “Directive Dugin” about history.

The story should be the main goal of education, education, education. Through the story we learn everything: thought, culture, tradition, identity. History is more than a profession, history is ourselves, is our destiny.

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