The assault on Sirte is over | Colonel Cassad



Yesterday ended the assault on the Libyan capital of Wilayah of the Khilafah. The assault on Sirte began on 12 June, and to occupy the hometown of Muammar Qaddafi captured by the Caliphate conglomerate of various groups oriented to the West, it took almost six months. Having overwhelming superiority in men and materiel, with the support of the special forces of Britain, France and Italy, as well as American military aid, troops from Tripoli and Misrata picked out militants from the coastal districts with the speed of a turtle, but before Sirte has been cut off, the bulk of the fighters had left and the defense held up to thousands of militants who for almost six months kept a piece of the city from the superior forces of the enemy.

At the end of November at the hands of militants was only a few dozen buildings in the North-Eastern part of Sirte.

The rest either went into the wilderness, or moved in the direction of Benghazi, where now with varying degrees of success are fighting with the LNA and other groups. The Sirte has long been for the “black” cut off a chunk and last month they conducted their operations in Libya without much regard for the remains of the garrison of Sirte, which did not receive any help from the outside. In this respect, for the assault, the capture of Sirte represents only some media victory and the ability to use the involved hand as to struggle with “black” in other areas, and internecine wars with other groups.However, the completion of the storming of Sirte confronts Libyan Vilayat certain problems, since failure in the ongoing battle of Benghazi, could in the medium term a much more seriously to undermine the position of the Caliphate in Libya, against which the jihadists focused on al-Qaeda and operating around Tobruk, Derna and Benghazi, will be able to regain a dominant position in Libya.

All parties understand that even complete victory over the Libyan region would not mean an end to the ongoing civil war in a divided country, so on the one hand, the Pro-Western Libyan government constantly begging the US and NATO weapons and equipment “for security needs”, and General Haftar (solid so Tsrushnym Luggage) visit to Moscow, again with the aim to probe the question of arms supplies that will be required of all parties without exception. The main problem of present Libya is that there is no force that could bond this country together.Killing Gaddafi and his regime, the US and NATO has effectively destroyed the Libyan strengthened, to replace which turned out to be nothing. All these jihadist groups, the Pro-Western puppets, generals playing Bonapartism, tribal leaders, criminal group sitting on oil supplies and other “freedom fighters” that look like a tangle of putrid worms feasting on the remains of the once prosperous country.

But however, Gaddafi was warned and his people and the Europeans, how this will end. He did not listen and now have to see the ugly mug of the “freedom” to the Libyan version. Very symbolic was that on the background of the completion of the fighting in Sirte, seething fighting in Benghazi and Tripoli between former “fighters against tyranny”.


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