The Assault On Aleppo. 06.12.2016 | Colonel Cassad

Officer of the red army

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Briefly about the assault on Aleppo by the end on 6 December 2016.

1. As mentioned earlier, the rumors yesterday about the successes of the insurgents were greatly exaggerated. As a joke on the Pro-Syrian resources, the militants “Al-Nusra” carried out effective offensive tweeting. In fact, yesterday they only managed to oust the SAA in the areas in front of ophthalmic hospital and tie her battles on what actually is their success ended. The SAA has kept the hospital and repulsed the counter-attack fighters that were unable to change the catastrophic situation of the militants in the neighborhoods to the North of the Citadel. Today come consequences.

Situation at 9 PM.

2. During the day, the army moved through the living quarters to the West of Aleppo. The militants were forced to abandon major area of the Shaar to the North of the quarter, Jasmati, in view of the threat environment were there militants. They were forced to leave all of yesterday’s “achievements” and focus on keeping the corridor between the Citadel of Aleppo and eye hospital – the size of the corridor by the evening of 6 Dec, 500 metres from the position of the SAA in the area of the Citadel, already good visible order of battle of the SAA coming through the neighbourhood of al-Safsafa. In fact, the rebels faced a rather unpleasant choice – unable to hold the front West of the square, Jasmati, they can either wait for a cleave to the Citadel and to defend in cut blocks with a predictable result or go through the corridor to the South, hoping to seal the defense blocks to the Southeast of the Citadel. The SAA, in principle, satisfied with both, but preferred care to speed up the process of releasing the blocks to the North of the Citadel.

3. Simultaneously with the continuation of the offensive North-West of the airport of Aleppo, today, the SAA was able to advance in quarter Bab al-Nairab and completely clear the COP hill, hoisting the Syrian flag. Here in fact creates the preconditions for future operations to liberate the remaining districts of Aleppo. After you have cleared the blocks North of the Citadel, apparently already in the 3rd time for the operation to liberate Aleppo, the impact will be applied from the northeast and East, exposing the defense of militants in the Eastern neighborhoods.Police hill is a rather convenient position upon which you can develop the offensive in the neighborhoods of Bab al-Neirab and Mary.

4. Attack in the Sheikh said again, have not yielded very much, although the resources of supporting insurgents and note that the SAA could there today move on a little bit. The militants continue to insist that holding district Sadko, though Syrian sources have repeatedly claimed that it is for SAA. Given the General situation on the fronts, it’s not that very important, but quite remarkable, as the parties for more than a month can not determine exactly who owns the area.

Killed in Aleppo Russian nurse Galina Mikhailova and Hope Durachenko.

In General, negative for fighters trends continue. Local “Peremogi” in the spirit downed the Syrian aircraft killed Russian nurses or spectacular offensive on Twitter, of course can’t compensate for the demoralization of the personnel, problems with ammunition for heavy weapons, the lack of anti-tank weapons and extremely unfortunate for them, the configuration of the front in the Central districts of Aleppo. Because of the lack of real success, the rebels and their “fans” left to fend like “Peremoga”, because is no other. Over the past year, they have been waiting quite other “Peremoga”.Waiting for the encirclement of Aleppo group of the SAA (and as much as 3 times waited) after the attacks of the Caliphate on the highway Khanasser-Aleppo, waiting for the collapse of the front SAA in Hama and termination of the operation to storm Aleppo, waiting for the collapse of the defense of SAA in Western Aleppo and the complete cutting through of the corridor, waited for Aleppo will be lost for Assad. But the reality is they were severely tilted. Now it remains petty “rejoice” killed nurses, torn ropes on the “Kuznetsov” and the virtual counter attack in the style of “Steiner will save Berlin.”

In relation to the Western sponsors of the militants, their attempts to save the rebels in a diplomatic way and prolong the agony of Aleppo of the boiler, came upon a grim determination Russia, Syria and Iran to finish off this bug, which yesterday was enlarged and the position of China. This caused a new surge of irritation in the US (which again refused the proposed transaction) and Britain, and now supplemented by hysteria Merkel, who prophesied about the need to change the world and the inconsistencies of German foreign policy view of what is happening in Aleppo.Some people still continue not to understand what Russia is doing in Syria and why do we need this Aleppo. They have openly “leaders of the free world” say that what is happening in Syria is part of the process of change the current world order and this question concerns not just the problems of miserable Syria – it is about reviewing the whole system of international relations. Like any major war (the Syrian war is the largest war of the XXI century), it changes the fate of the countries that participate in it, and with it changes the world. Some effects will be noticeable immediately, others in the long run.Unlikely, when the United States launched the “Arab spring” and relied on the overthrow of Assad, they assumed that their actions will have similar consequences. So in the end, the perennial battle for Aleppo played an notable role is when the the establishment of militants control of the city seemed a symbol of the imminent collapse of the “bloody regime” and a continuation of “winning gait of the Arab spring”.Now, the defeat of the militants in Aleppo, symbolize the consistent and inevitable a lot of nails in the coffin of the “Syrian revolution” and plans of the West to overthrow Assad by military means.


A small addition to

1. According to the Syrian sources, the militants are moving from neighborhoods to the North of the citadel through the corridor. Al-Maasdar reports that at the talks in Turkey reached an agreement on the surrender of the militants part of the districts of Aleppo.

2. So do message some groups are trying to negotiate the surrender and departure in Idlib.

3. 6 December was completed the sweep in 7 districts of Aleppo – Al Sha’ar, Jouret
Awwad, Al Karm Qaterji, between Turbat Lala, Al Marjeh, Shiekh Lutf, Karz Dada. During the day is expected to sweep the remaining blocks North of the Citadel.

4. Washington apparently is a little bit hysterical from the events. 6 December the state Department first had to withdraw their proposal for Aleppo “because of the position of Russia”, but in the evening again announced talks with Lavrov, Kerry.

5. And now a moment of humor. The state Department “has asked Russia to believe in the ability of the US to delimit fighters in Aleppo”

You know, why not? Because the United States did not give this space and time. Don’t even know what to say for several years of the war, the US had not been time to divide the opposition to the “moderate” and “immoderate” and there was space to stop cooperating with terrorists of “al-Qaeda”. And now, when the boiler dies Aleppo, from threats they proceeded to absolutely comical admonitions, “give us time”. Remarkably, before basically demanded, and now “ask”. A worthy finale to the Syrian policy of Obama.

6. Questions of space and time in relation to the militants can be solved only one way – the surrender of the survivors and travel to Idlib. Delay in this decision could lead to the fact that there will be nobody to leave.

Title photo captured “fighter for freedom”.

UPD: the Old Aleppo surrendered militants of the group “Fatah Halab”. The green buses are expected.



2 responses to “The Assault On Aleppo. 06.12.2016 | Colonel Cassad

  1. The images of the Nurses killed in the Battle of Aleppo is a blessing to the lonely giving the feeling of being in good company until it was ended, as all things must, may Allah raise their status in Paradise.


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